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About Margaret

I started life as a dancer and later a choreographer. I graduated with a BFA and an MFA in dance/choreography and was on the Theater Arts faculty at Brown University until a car accident altered my career path and I took up two new careers: The first as a writer and the second working in the healing arts. I work as a massage therapist, past life therapist, Reiki teacher/practitioner and angelic channel and I have authored a number of books. The life change has been such a wonderful experience that I truly understand the saying that to everything there is a lesson and a blessing.

So many people ask about my work as an angelic channel. In many ways I have to say it came naturally to me through my years of assisting people as a therapist. The gift which I've had intuitively all my life finally developed to the point where I decided it was time to offer the angel's messages to a wider audience. Since then I've offered group channelings and workshops to thousands of people.

As a writer, angelic channel and healer I devote myself to reminding all of us that as human beings we have a strong and powerful divine purpose. We just have to "wake up."