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This is the thirteenth edition of the Archangels Speak newsletter. Each month I release a new version of the newsletter which features a message from the Archangels and a Questions and Answers section taken from a recent group channeling. The ANGEL OF COURAGE - CERVIEL joined us in March and gives the opening message. Someone told me that she called on him after the session and she felt his presence and he transformed a diffcult situation for her. YAY!

If you do nothing else with this newsletter then watch these video links to remind yourself of the magic of life.

SUNDAY, April 6th, 2008 4 p.m. at PARTNERS IN MASSAGE. 845 229-9133

Many of you are aware that we are in a time of ascending energy. As we get closer and closer to the 2012 date it seems that time speeds up even more; those of you interested in riding this wave to increase your spiritual awakening are amazed at what is opening up inside of you and what you suddenly "know" or understand that previously had been hidden. Some of you might enjoy picking up "Path of Empowerment - Pleiadian Wisdom for a World in Chaos" by Barbara Marciniak. The questions at last month's channeling contain information for everyone. This month I've included LINKS to websites that give you a way to access further information should you so desire to continue you explorations. From UFOS to George Bush Jr., to Chemtrails the questions are stimulating. Here is a list of this month's questions.

1. Why am I having back and throat pain?
2. I want some clarification that when I feel energy coming through my body it is almost like “chills” but I don’t quite know exactly what it is.
3. PART ONE: My mother passed away when I was twelve years old. I know that the soul passes on and reincarnates. Have I met, since that time, anybody who is a relative?
PART TWO: I was in the army in 1948 and 1949 in Texas. Near when I was to be discharged about ten or twelve of us were sent up to a mountain to observe. Not told what we were supposed to see. Not told what we were supposed to see there. Just told to go up and observe. And just recently I went to the computer and I put in Camp Hood (I think that was the name he said) Texas and I saw that in the time I was up there that they had sighted what some soldiers had seen were UFOs.
4. SACRED GEOMETRY: A couple of weeks ago I asked a question about my creativity where it was going and what I needed to work on and something came up about geometric forms that I’m supposed to be creating. I’m having a little trouble figuring out what it is, so I’m looking for clarity on this.
5. Since they’ve started I’ve been very concerned about Chemtrails and their effect on mankind. I wanted to know what the purpose of this is?
6. I don’t know exactly how to put this question but I’d like to know about President Bush going into Iraq. I’d like to know what his real motives were. Did he speak his real motives? Was there a hidden motive? Was it a positive one? His motive. His own motive. Why did he make this decision?
7. What other path should I be on in terms of helping people heal. Right now I’m doing this in a therapeutic sense. But, I’m wondering if there is another path I should be on?
8. I’m wondering what has brought me here today? With my two friends why we’ve been guided to come here today?
9. I’m wondering if the angels have any messages for me since I’m usually not courageous enough to ask them.
10. MONEY: Can you give guidance about how to respond regarding finances and prosperity? Regarding the means to accomplish, the means to work and finances.
11. I would like to know if I am on my intended path.
I have a question. When I try to talk to the angels and ask for advice sometimes I think that I’m making up the advice myself.





We are so pleased to have this opportunity to be with you and to work with you in this way. We understand that for some of you this is a new experience and for others of you this is “well-worn” to some extent, but we always welcome you and enjoy meeting and speaking with human beings in this way. Those who have agreed to offer their physical form as conduits for other realms such as angels are doing so because they, in conjunction with this realm, believe that it is very useful for human kind to hear the words of the angels and to know that there are beings—although you can not see them with your eyes—that they exist to help raise you to your angelic self. To help raise you to remember the truth of who you are. And the truth of who you are is that each and every one of you, first and foremost, is a divine being. You are a divine being.

Joining you here today, as always, are Ariel, Michael and Gabriel, as they never leave the side of the one who sits before you (Margaret.) There are a number of angels who are in attendance, who have been called forth, but there is one in attendance who we would like to introduce you to. We would like to introduce you to him and give him a moment to speak to you himself. His name is Cerviel. He is known as the Angel of Courage and he wishes to address you because he believes that courage is going to be needed in the coming times as each of you steps onto a new path and new belief systems. Be aware that we speak of ourselves in the collective We, because we do vibrate in the collective consciousness, but we can separate ourselves just as it is possible to look at a rainbow and see separate colors. And so when an individual, such as Cerviel, wishes to speak it is as if his vibrational frequency separates to some extent from the rest of us and takes over and becomes the primary spokesperson. So please give a moment for him to address you and establish full contact.


It is my job to help human beings to reach a level of courage that allows them to strike out from their previous existence or previous paths and separate themselves from old belief systems—old ways of being in the world—and move forward into a new template. It is necessary for a human being to experience courage in order to do this. For often to step forward on a new path and to eliminate or wipe from ones consciousness an old belief system creates some difficulty in the human being’s life. Creates difficulty with those around you who wish to see you remain the same and resent when you change.

In fact, sometimes you will be called to tear down existing organizations and structures that human beings have built, that once served them, but no longer do. These changes require courage. And we in this realm believe you all have the courage to make the changes necessary.

We are not suggesting to you, in any way, that change is an easy thing. But we are suggesting to you that it is absolutely and fundamentally necessary. And it is going to be my (the angel Cerviel) job to prove why this so. Many of you are living with belief systems taken from childhood, taken from previous lifetimes, taken from a collective human consciousness, taken from your contemporaries, and you have decided to wear these belief systems and often times not to question them.

So, as the Angel of Courage, I will say to you: “What do you believe?” Come into a conscious knowledge of what you believe. What do you believe love is? This is the kind of love you will create—for yourself, among your peers, and as you move that belief system into the world it is the kind of expression of love that the world itself will hold. What do you believe about freedom? Again this is how you will experience freedom.

What we are trying to let you know is that often you accept misery and you accept unhappiness, you accept a lifestyle based on belief systems you have carried forth and you do not question. And even though these belief systems are not serving your planet, serving you as an individual, or serving your family, you do not recognize they could change. They are so wedded in your consciousness—humanity has created its own illusionary curtain, called it reality and then told the rest of the human race that it is going to be essential to learn and live by these belief systems—which from the perspective of the angelic realm are completely random. They are random. Your belief systems are your belief systems that you have created either randomly or through experiences that you believe to be true. These belief systems are flexible. You can change them at any time.

You have seen, at an extreme example, when someone has not bought into the belief systems of physical plane reality, that they have transcended them. Some of you here have witnessed certain events that other human beings would call impossible. You have witnessed things happen, or be created, or you have done things yourself which to all belief systems on the human plane are impossible. But they are not impossible because some of you have witnessed them.

If you cast aside your belief systems and begin to expand what you believe is possible you will create a whole new world. The world is being defined by you. Not the other way around. Again: The world is being defined by you. Not the other way around. You have decided what is going to be acceptable, all the way to the most fundamental principles. If you question this you must only look at another place, or planetary realm of existence. And most of you, in your heart, if not in your mind, are aware that there are going to be planets where none of the truths that you hold will be in existence. Where what you hold so strongly as “truth” will not exist. And so these truths will not govern the life forms of that planet.

So, what is it that makes the collective consciousness of a planet function the way it does? It is the belief systems that are held by the entire collective consciousness.

Those of you who are attempting to break through the old belief systems with what is called The New Age need courage to do so. There is a level which many of you are capable of reaching, which prior to this time was assigned to the Avatar. To the enlightened master. The ability to move physical plane reality. To see beings who are not in a physical form. To have interactions with these beings. To know and understand truth that before this time completely eluded you. And even to perform miracles.
These are all within your capability.

But, what we fear that is holding back many of you from stepping into a more advanced level of your Light Body, if you will, is the fear that being this kind of a master, or shifting your belief systems to this extent will cause you to separate from the rest of mankind and that frightens you. So, you cling to the old ways and you support the old ways

And you even find yourself giving lip-service to the old ways, to the old belief systems. So, we ask you today to become conscious of your belief systems to the minutest place.

For example, you have a belief system, as a human race that when a glorious, strong, enlightened being speaks out and tries to change things at the level of a government, or socially that someone will come along and kill them. That they can not survive on this planet successfully. So, inside of you say, “It is unsafe to shine my Light to the world. It is unsafe to take a public forum. It is unsafe to speak out.” Many of you may have been tortured during the years known as The Inquisition. Many of you may have been tortured as witches, or suffered for having spoken up in other lives. And so, you say, “It is not safe for me to step forth and so I will hold to the belief systems that I believe will make me safe.” But these belief systems are no longer safe. For they limit humanity to a place, where you all see, is leading humanity over and over again to a place of war or disease or feeling unsafe in some way.

It is going to be required of the most courageous to look into your heart, to dig up your past, to delve into your belief systems and when you feel and see them rising up to change your thoughts and change your life. Change your thoughts and change the lives of all others on this planet. Many of you are awakening to the idea and the fact that your thoughts, words and deeds are what create reality. It is becoming a very common thought in the human collective consciousness now.

Many people believe, “Oh, oh, if you are thinking bad things are going to happen to you then they will and if you start the day with a positive thought you are more likely to attract the energy of a positive nature.” You are beginning to understand energetic connections between all of you; you are beginning to communicate telepathically and you find that someone is reading your mind or they speak what you were just thinking. You are beginning to understand that your thoughts have a power that previous to this time humanity did not know.

We are going to say to you that humanity was engaged for a long time in the agreement of unconsciousness. It is this agreement of unconsciousness that has allowed you, through many period of history to create war and to create disease and so forth. But as you are beginning to understand that you are just victims, but that your belief systems were coming forward and creating a reality, you are now understanding that you can let go of those and create a brighter future.

There will always be those who will tell you that this is not possible. But we ask you to remember every day how it is. Some of you are very familiar with the experiments being done by a Japanese scientist

who has worked with the idea of water crystals. He has put different thoughts and words into these crystals and shown how they form very different shapes. He has done this to prove to all of you, who are mostly water, how your thoughts impact the water. He says, “look at this and know how your thoughts are impacting your body.” Love your body. Where there is pain, put your hands on that place and send it so much love, reconnect it to the source of all.

When you take medication and drugs you make the connection even cloudier.
Even though you find that you are made numb from your medications, you find that your pain will never alter or go away; and over time can become worse. Learn to rid yourself of pain by ridding yourself of old belief systems that say that human beings must suffer. We are here to try and bring you forward into a new age; an age of freedom from old thought patterns so that you may now create with courage the most beautiful life you have ever imagined.

We thank you for we know that all of you here have that desire in your heart of you would not be here talking with the angelic realm. When you feel weak, use me, Cerviel the Angel of Courage, to change the old ways into something better and new.

Thank you for being with us. We will now take your questions.

QUESTION ONE: So you are speaking of pain and physical pain and I would like an explanation of why I am having back pain again. Also, what’s going on with my throat – I feel more clearing at that level.

ARCHANGELS: You are well aware that back pain is associated in some way with a human beings sense of being unsafe, or not solidly or securely on the earth. Do you understand this?


ARCHANGELS: So, when a human being feels that their foundation is shifting or changing in some way they will often manifest a weakness or pain in their back. And this is always something to look at and to look for first. As you begin to change your way of being in the world—and indeed this is true about you at this time, Yes?


ARCHANGELS: You are finding that some of your old fears are rising up. Yes?

QUESTIONER: That’s true.

ARCHANGELS: So you can understand now that they are harbored in your spine because of the fact that this is where you are getting your deepest purge and strength. You have a spine that is there to hold you courageously on the earth plane and when you feel frightened or uncertain—often when someone changes jobs or loses a job, or fears the loss of a job, back pain will manifest. Or a change in a relationship will cause this because they feel their very foundations are crumbling. In your case, your old ways of being on the earth must change. You know this. Yes?


ARCHANGELS: You know you can no longer be what you were. But, you are afraid in some ways of moving forward and so your back reflects this. The best thing you can do is that in your mind send your most loving thoughts to any area that is hurting and you will feel immediate pain withdrawal. Immediate lightness happening, and you won’t feel yourself so constricted and in pain. You are aware that your throat is because you are not speaking truthfully about your own belief systems—it is trying to re-connect or re-construct pathways that will allow you to use your vocal mechanisms at a stronger and higher rate. Anytime you feel a little closed there it is going to be a war. You know this. Yes?


ARCHANGELS: So this is why you are having these pains. What we sense from you is that with all your wisdom and all your knowledge—wouldn’t you agree that there is always a part of you that initially wants to “scurry away?”

QUESTIONER: Absolutely.

ARCHANGELS: That is the “mouse” part of you. This needs to be stopped. It needs to be changed. It is YOUR belief system that needs to be changed. You believe that truly being the finest individual or expression of God you can be will lead you to some disaster. You are also aware of this. Yes?


ARCHANGELS: So, these manifestations are where you are allowing the “mouse” to live. To give you a silly little analogy. You need to release the “mouse” and bring the “lion” forth. So, we ask that you do this with visualization—and you don’t allow yourself to go to the old places. At one point, or some point, you must call in Cerviel and say, “Stand by my side, Angel of Courage,” and you must say, “I will do my tasks that I’m called to do without fear or persecution or harm.” Okay?

QUESTIONER: Thank You. Thank you, Cerviel. I will call upon him.

QUESTION TWO: I’ve been experiencing—I have a large scar on my leg—and lately when I’ve gotten some energy work it’s been very itchy. Also, I want some clarification that when I feel energy coming through my body it is almost like “chills” but I don’t quite know exactly what it is. I feel something but I’m still learning it. I’d like clarification.

ARCHANGELS: You are aware that what you call “itchiness” is a good thing. Yes?


ARCHANGELS: It is like the energy is being drawn to this area to heal it. So, this is positive if this is confirmation for you. We are happy with your question because we feel that to some extent we can utilize it to assist everyone in this room and anyone who would partake of this wisdom at a later time. You are asking about taking energy into your body and how it feels on a physical form. This is your question.

There are many, many reactions that human beings have and will continue to have as they call into their bodies more and more Light. Light is information, it is wisdom. It is where the places that have been held in darkness and ignorance are suddenly being “burst” forth. If your cells, even on the physical level—to make it easier for you all to understand we are going to call them cells—for human beings to perform the acts that they have performed throughout history, the cells of their bodies, the energy “pieces” of their bodies, had to be held in darkness and disconnected from the Source.

It is absolutely true that there have been huge number of disconnect points in the human physical form and body. This has allowed human beings to play out the games and dramas that you all know. To create karma. Without this disconnect it would have been impossible for Hitler to take power—take over a country, mount attacks on other countries and destroy the lives and kill so many. If you were not holding much of your consciousness and even on the physical level, much of your body, in darkness, you would not have been able to manifest as a human race enough humans willing to stay ignorant and follow such a leader. Do you see this? Do you understand?

This disconnect from God has allowed the human race, from the beginning of time, to war upon itself. Do you not think that war and hurting and harming and pillaging is a part of humanity? Ever since the human race has taken on this disconnect, their very cells, the matrix of their body being to a great extent “disconnected” from God, they have found themselves playing the game of “darkness.” We see it as a game of darkness, because it is a game. It is not who you “really” are. Who you really are is a divine being very similar to an angel. What separates humans from angels is the ability to play this game of darkness.

What has allowed you to play this game of darkness is an energetic and literally physical body disconnect from the Source. The idea of the New Age or ascension is the idea that more energy is pouring onto the earth and as that energy is poured on it is being received by your very cells—by your very body. The more you ask it to come into your body the quicker the changes will come. But, even those who are asking for none of it—who resist it at every turn—are not immune to the fact that the frequency on this earth is higher now. There is more Light.

Now, what you must understand is that if you are going to healers or asking yourself to meditate or bring in more Light or Love (be aware that angels do not disconnect Light from Love and that, for us, Light and Love is One Thing) and that as you ask that vibration to come into your body to heal and whole you and “wake you up,” so that you no longer have to play the game of darkness and disconnect, your body responds as if it has been asleep for a million years. .

You know what it is like when you sit on your leg and it “falls asleep.” Then when the blood rushes in after it has been asleep it tingles. In many ways this is a good analogy. Your body, your mind has been deeply asleep as a human race and also as individuals. And you are now in-rushing the Light as your leg in-rushes the blood. And you are tingling from this in-rush of Light.

What some of you are noticing as you invite it in is that it is shining like a flashlight on those dark cells. Those dark places. And some of you are willing to look at them. And those of you who are willing to look at them are finding them healing. You find that they heal. They do not stay when the Light is shined. They heal. But you are also noticing that they have to rise to the surface sometimes and that is what these panic attacks and anxiety attacks you feel are. The Light replaces the darkness. Darkness and Light can not be held in the human form in the same place at the same time. And human beings are waking up. So, all these changes you all feel: whether it is the “tingling” you speak of or it is the anxiety attacks are a part of your “waking up.” Perhaps you are hearing toning or noises or sound. Perhaps you are catching out of the corner of your eye fourth dimensional images such as ghosts.

Perhaps things are strange for you now. It is all good. Because those old dark places in you are waking up for the first time and feeling the Light for the first time and going, “What’s happening to me?” It feels so odd and it frightens you. But it is the Light waking you up and it is our firm belief in the angelic realm that the more and more of you who invite the Light in and are courageous enough to carry Light this planet will “tip over” to greater Light and those who carry the Light will be the majority. And you will change the way the earth “does business,” because the majority of you will say, “it is not okay to war against my fellow beings.”

QUESTION THREE: My mother passed away when I was twelve years old. I know that the soul passes on and reincarnates. Have I met, since that time, anybody who—a relative, a grandchild or whatever—that ….

ARCHANGELS: Is there a little girl that you feel might be the reincarnation? Yes?


ARCHANGELS: A girl. Yes?


ARCHANGELS: You are correct. It is a girl. A little girl. This is what we sense—a little girl. Does this resonate with you?


ARCHANGELS: So, trust your instincts. Yes, would you like to ask another question?

QUESTIONER: I was in the army in 1948 and 1949 in Texas. Near when I was to be discharged about ten or twelve of us were sent up to a mountain to observe. Not told what we were supposed to see. Not told what we were supposed to see there. Just told to go up and observe. And just recently I went to the computer and I put in Camp Hood (I think that was the name he said) Texas and I saw that in the time I was up there that they had sighted what some soldiers had seen were UFOs.

ARCHANGELS: You know we knew that you were going to say this and that is why we are smiling so broadly.

QUESTIONER: I never saw them. I do believe that there are UFOs? Are there UFOs from other planets?

ARCHANGELS: We have been waiting a long time for this question to be asked. We are grateful that you are the one that asked it. So, thank you for asking your question. It is because it is time for human beings to shift their belief systems that more and more sightings and communications are taking place. There are some in this room who are aware that their “soul song” is from another planetary realm.

Many of you feel connected to the Pleaidian realm. And we will tell you that this is something that is not foreign to you as well. Common is also something known as Arcturian. These people are aware that their soul song resonates much better with beings from that star system or planet.

The earth has been seeded by extraterrestrials, if you will, to the point where human beings are not separated in their DNA from “extraterrestrials.” There have always been on some level, some interference, or connection on this planet from those on other planets.

Those civilizations which you think of as spiritually enlightened or metaphysically interesting were “fueled” by extraterrestrial beings. For example, the Mayan civilization, the Atlantean civilization, and the Lemurians and the Egyptian civilization. And the one you know as Akhenaten was

in fact, what you would have called an ET. It was because of this that he was bringing the idea of One God, or One Central Sun, to this planet. He was an advanced soul. These beings are capable of doing things that currently most human beings are not. It is not merely technology that they understand but it is also spirituality that they understand—the more enlightened ones.

The Arcturians themselves function as a wayside for human souls and contribute to helping human souls “pass” from physical to non-physical reality. They are a peace-loving community and look very alike. They have learned through their history how to be co-operative in a co-operative society. In many ways the human race is hoping to emulate much of what the Arcturian wisdom has to offer.

The Pleaidians are a long and complicated and history on this planet. Many of you resonate and understand that you have a Pleaidian “soul song” within you. The Pleaidians are spiritually advanced and they understand how to connect to God and bring through them the creation of God’s energy; and when they do it in spiritual wisdom and Light there is a power to the Pleaidian energy that can create the most supreme healing and beauty. But, the Pleaidians have found themselves also involved with destruction in the Atlantean days.

We have spoken here about the Bermuda Triangle as being a rift that was created in the space-time continuum during the Atlantean experiments and this would be an example of the wisdom gone awry. These beings have something to offer you and these being of Light have something to assist you with. They are hoping that they can begin to let the human community know of their existence. We look forward to a time when those of you whose soul song feels like it comes from another planet can say to your fellow human, “Hello, I am a Pleaidian and this is what my soul song is and I would like to share it with you.” And the human would say, “Welcome friend, we enjoy having you here as we know that you are one with us. As all of God’s creation is one no matter what it is or where it is. It is all one.”

So, these beings and saucers are only being witnessed by you, primarily we will say, in great, great part when they are WISHING to be viewed. The ability to travel in and through portals and how they understand energy and can operate in non-physical reality is something the human race is moving toward but does not yet have this ability. Should these space beings of “light” wish to assist they could be very helpful.

Often when they have tried to connect with or communicate with those in authority on your planet they have been in some manner rejected, or human beings have wanted to control them. Many of your despots understood, on some level, metaphysical principles and they wanted to utilize them to have power over mankind. Men and women who are of the Light want no such thing. They want to liberate and free human beings from the control that you have been living under. And make no mistake about it, you are all living under a kind of control which has told you that you are victims and has told you that you are incapable of being your own co-creators or masters.

Those who wish to control you, if they told you the truth, “Your thoughts create your reality,” could no longer control you. So, they fill you with fear—with fearful images which you add to and create yourself until you all live in a world you believe is unsafe. Where your very existence feels threatened. When it does not it is only because you have pushed it aside temporarily. If you do not believe this then you are not being honest with yourself. For every human being experiences fear on a daily basis. Those beings from outer space who wish to liberate you from that—to remind you that you are all masters and that you have at your disposal the ability to Love so intensely that you can create as Jesus or Moses did are beings of Light who you should welcome into your existence and not be afraid of.

There are beings of darkness on this planet and there are beings of darkness on other planets. It doesn’t have to be scary for you because the beings of darkness on your human planet are as bad—if not worse—than any being of darkness anywhere. There is nothing out there that is worse than what you can find here. So, you shouldn’t be afraid. Because what could be worse, from the angel’s perspective, than the concentration camps you created for each other? Could a being from outer space doing anything worse than starve and torture you? We believe not. So, why would you be afraid of them?

The ones of Light are asking to liberate you from this fear mind, this fear mentality and learn to create in alignment with God. So, if you have contact with someone who says, “Hello, I am an Arcturain, by soul song, let me share my wisdom,” or as you have said, by saucer, you merely need to sense in your heart, “Is this a being of Light?” and if you heart feels enlivened and full of Love and your instincts do not tell you beware, just as with a human being, invite them into your life for they have much to teach you and are here to assist mankind to move into higher consciousness.


QUESTION FOUR: A couple of weeks ago I asked a question about my creativity where it was going and what I needed to work on and something came up about geometric forms that I’m supposed to be creating. I’m having a little trouble figuring out what it is, so I’m looking for clarity on this.

ARCHANGELS: We welcome this question because in our speaking about sacred geometry we will be bringing information that will be useful to everyone. First you must begin by allowing yourself access to sacred geometry forms. Sacred geometry forms are accessed well through certain ascended masters who work with them—to use the human vernacular—on a “daily” basis. Merlin is one who understands how to use the energy of sacred geometry to create new things. When the one you know as Moses did his miracles he was using “Merlin’s” magic. There is a being Melchezidek who also is aligned with sacred geometry also. Those of you interested in exploring sacred geometry further would use these two ascended masters as well as Metatron to assist you with these forms.

Sacred geometry is quite interesting. Perhaps you might think of “tinker toys” and how you make a form with these. It is somewhat similar to the idea of sacred geometry in the idea of how energy is joined or created. Once you join energy and joins “bars” or “pieces” or lightbeams of energy and connect them you have an energetic form that is called sacred geometry. It holds a form that then creates “magic.”

The reason you were told to make sacred geometric forms is because you can make a form that mimics, in 3D reality, these sacred geometries and they will become magical. When people hold onto them their bodies will change as a result of holding in their hands the “magic.”

Please close your eyes. All of you. To test your third eye ask Merlin, “Please give me a sacred geometry,” and see or feel something floating like a geometrical form at your third eye.”

(PAUSE to perform this.)

What is beginning to appear for the questioner? What do you see?

QUESTIONER: It is sort of like an atom type of thing. But with a slash through it going diagonally.

ARCHANGELS: So you will begin by seeing these images and then drawing them on paper. After you have drawn them on paper you will begin to understand, working in conjunction with your guides, means and methods to create 3D images which will be mimicking these sacred geometries. At that point you will ask Merlin to infuse these creations with his sacred geometry energy and it will be infused. You will then give them—as you open your third eye and understand how they can help to heal—you will then place them on bodies or place into the hands of those who need to heal. You will make re-connections in the very energy body of the person who is sitting before you or lying before you, with this form. It is like the form will stimulate the energy connection needed by the human being.

And because you love to have 3D reality and you enjoy holding and making things you will be making them. You see, this could be accomplished in your mind, this could be accomplished through your hands—it would not be necessary to have an actual device or thing—but the device is something we believe that you enjoy. You enjoy having something to look at. It would be something you could create that would say, “Look at this I’ve created.” Let your guides tell you when and how to use it.

The same thing could be accomplished merely by putting your hands on an individual, calling up the sacred geometry, and infusing a human with it. Those of you who are not interested in creating a device could use your hands as you begin to connect with the beings known as Merlin and Melchezidek. They will heal your bodies and create pathways in your mind that you need, literally re-wiring your mind and reconnecting your body.

There is a form called the Merkaba—some of you are familiar with this. It is a form like putting two stars together in a holographic form. This is often associated with how the soul or Lightbody travels. So, it is a form of sacredness that will assist you to awaken your own Lightbody. Those of you interested in the Merkaba will find information on it and can purchase crystals in this shape, should you feel drawn to do so. Does this assist you?

Questioner: Yes, thank you.

QUESTION FIVE: Since they’ve started I’ve been very concerned about Chemtrails and their effect on mankind. I wanted to know what the purpose of this is?

ARCHANGELS: Some of what is being thought of as Chemtrails, sometimes what people have seen and thought of as Chemtrails, have not actually been what they have thought. There is a re-gridding going on the earth and the re-gridding that is going on, is going on in many ways. Crop circles are also part of this re-gridding. Literally placing these sacred and energetic connections onto the earth to implant certain energies onto mother earth to bring new energies or to stabilize her or awaken her. These positive energies are being done by your space buddies and other “ascended master” realms.

This is also happening in the ethers and in the sky and sometimes these criss-crosses are just that and it is not always understood what they are. That has not always been a Chemtrail or something negative, but human mind has interpreted with a fear response. So, often these patterns and energy forms in the sky can be a re-gridding that is done to stabilize her.

It is the same with the crop circles. Some use the crop circles for fear and believe that the crop circles are a fear thing. They bring that consciousness to the earth, while others believe that they are a positive thing.

It is true that these griddings many believe are bad. Some believe that these are evil extra-terrestrial or government agencies that are trying to poison you – the griddings we speak of here are not this. These are two separate things: the gridding and the chemtrails, but often are confused for one another. The gridding is a stabilization patterning.

We do not want to spread fear, but make no mistake we are not denying that there has been interference that is being brought by negative extraterrestrials. You’ve heard stories of abductions and so forth and sometimes these energies and things in the sky could have an association with negative ETs, but you are being protected quite often by a group of ETs known as the Ashtar Command which is a collective of ETs who are in the Light. They are far more numerous and capable than what you call the negative ETs. So, sometimes YES there has been some of this interference by negative ETs, but often what humans see and mis-interpret is a gridding which is going on. So, do not assume that when you see amazing patterns in the sky that it is always a fear-based thing or negative. Sometimes it is positive. So, do not find your fear response being so heightened. Do not also be afraid of a crop circle or a pattern in the sky.

NOTE: Those of you who want to read about Chemtrails can find LOTS and LOTS on the internet. Here is a website that talks mostly about how we are being poisoned by these. One point of view.

There is also information of UFO’s spotted at the site of Chemtrails quite a bit as well and video of orbs of light dancing around these “chemtrials.” Here are some links for that as well for those you interested.
Here is another point of view. It talks about the gridding being done by Lightworkers and also the effect of negative UFOs.

As I transcribe this I believe that the angels are telling humans not to let their fear overtake them—that there is something going on both on the “good” side and the “bad” side in the sky. Make up your own mind as always.

QUESTION SIX: I don’t know exactly how to put this question but I’d like to know about President Bush going into Iraq. I’d like to know what his real motives were. Did he speak his real motives? Was there a hidden motive? Was it a positive one? His motive. His own motive. Why did he make this decision?

ARCHANGELS: He was carrying out, at the deepest level, a karma which is thousands of years old. He was a ruler about two thousand years ago who engaged in a war with Samaria. This karma is intimately linked with the one known as Christ. It is come back in this day and age and it has become muddled with Christianity. Yes? The idea that you are being a good Christian to support him and this invasion. You understand what we are saying?


ARCHANGELS: There is a reason for this and it is a complicated historical reason. Suffice it to say that this being you call Bush is a mirror for all of you in some way, as all leaders are. He has held for you, in a sense, your collective shadow in this desire to create war. He has been the one who is telling you that to go to war makes you a better a Christian. You see? From our perspective there could be nothing further from the truth. From our perspective the idea of killing and harming other would not be aligned with the Christ Consciousness. Do you agree?


ARCHANGELS: There is in human beings a collective shadow that has been going on for thousands of years. This idea that one goes to war for what one believes in a spiritual or religious sense and then one takes or robs another of their resources and takes them for themselves and becomes wealthy by this action.

All of you are aware certainly of times called the Crusades, for example, and know that at one time the Catholic Church sent out many of its soldiers to conquer and bring back riches. This was done under the guise of religion. So, it is not unusual for this to happen and it just happened, in a sense, once again. This being you call your President was smart enough to understand that if he launched a war on the coat-tails of religion he could fuel it karmically in your collective unconscious. He holds for all of you your own shadow.

For he could not have succeeded, just as any other leader who takes you to war, could not have succeeded if human beings were not already willing and ready to fight this war. So, to say that one human being is the evil one who sets you onto a path of war is to absolve your own responsibility as a human race. You must understand that you are supporting these people and you put them into power and you agree with their thought.

So their gift to you is that they show you your shadow. They show you what you believe. That somewhere, as you said, you all hold the collective human consciousness, or belief system as we spoke of earlier, that war is not only a necessary part of living on the earth, but in many ways your collective beliefs connect it to a religion. Your collective consciousness connects war to a belief in God. And those who wish to have power know this. And they use it to bring up your fears and to lead you to war because it is already in you.

If it wasn’t already in you, you would never have elected someone who you understood would lead you there. Not only elected, but re-elected. You see. It is easy for you, if you do not like this individual, always to say about these humans who lead you to war—it is easy to say, “They are bad. They are not like me. They are not representative of humanity.” But they would not have power if they were not in some large way representative of your belief systems. So, this takes us back to old, old, old beliefs systems.

It takes us back to our opening message: Have the courage to change your belief systems. Have the courage to speak your mind without aggression and without fear. Just state them as Truth for you and you will begin to find it impossible for those who advocate war to take control of your governments and lead you all to war—for you will refuse to fight. Do you understand what we are saying?

We could go into the karmic history of this individual more deeply, but we feel it is not going to be appropriate to delve into his personal karmic history beyond what we have said. We have given you enough, if you so desire, that you could uncover it for yourself. But, it is enough for you to know that it is not the first time this individual you call Bush has waged war and it is not the first time the individual has put the ideas of war and religion together to convince others that what he is doing is correct.

He is just doing it again. But, he is only doing it again because you allow him to do it. If you do not want this kind of lifestyle then you need to change your belief systems as a human race that it is necessary to harm one another.

QUESTION SEVEN: What other path should I be on in terms of helping people heal. Right now I’m doing this in a therapeutic sense. But, I’m wondering if there is another path I should be on?

ARCHANGELS: Your soul and your energy makes us very happy. We are touched by you and we want you to know this from the outset. We feel that sometimes you forget how much you are loved by this realm. And we are here to remind you of this before we even answer your question.

You have a very generous heart. Would you agree?


ARCHANGELS: You are shy to speak well of yourself. You are generous and this is good. We sense that you have the ability to utilize the idea of gentle and comforting touch with your hands. The idea of therapeutic touch. Do you understand this idea?


ARCHANGELS: Is this what you feel drawn to?


ARCHANGELS: This is a gift that you have and because of your generous and gentle heart it will be felt by others. We sense that your ability at that level will help to calm instinctive fears as they arise in humans. Your gift will help to calm the instinctive fears as they arise. This is through your kindness and your therapeutic touch. Does this confirm for you what you feel for yourself? Begin to utilize the technique of therapeutic touch.


ARCHANGELS: Would you wish another elaboration or has this confirmed enough for you at this time?

QUESTIONER: It is confirmed.

QUESTION EIGHT: I’m wondering what has brought me here today? With my two friends why we’ve been guided to come here today?

ARCHANGELS: It is simple and it is complicated, of course. But there lies in each of you a different story or path. We would like to address yours right now if that is okay with you?


ARCHANGELS: There is an energy in you, deeply buried, which we are going to call resonating with the Divine Mother. The energy of the Divine Mother. Do you understand this energy?

QUESTIONER: I’m not sure.

ARCHANGELS: Well in your Judeo-Christian religious traditions she is personified by the one known as Mother Mary, the Mother of Christ. You are familiar with this deity?


ARCHANGELS: That energy is very nurturing but also has a strength of heart to it. Deep within you, you resonate to this being. The idea of Mother Mary. She is at your heart what you long for. It is not only for yourself, but for others as well. The idea that others would know safety and gentle comfort. Unfortunately what we sense with you that your initial reaction which would be to operate from the Divine Mother heart becomes shutdown due to the human race. You have utilized many things to protect you from the harsh frequencies of human life. You are actually a very, very sensitive individual and you have trouble with being fully sensitive on this planet.

So you have separated yourself from that because you have believed that it will lead you to pain. Unfortunately it clashes a bit with your soul purpose. Your soul purpose is to shine forth from your heart the energy of the Divine Mother, the nurturing loving spirit and to help others to see that they have value, that they are cared for and have a place on this earth.

When you open your heart and you find yourself expressing your divine purpose you find yourself feeling too vulnerable or sensitive so you close off or you use external means to lower your frequency and close you off. But this is because you are such a sensitive.

You have come here today wishing to awaken and find a way to be your sensitive heart-felt self on a cold planet. You have come here today hoping that it is true—that there is Light, that there is Love and hoping to find a way to exist on this planet open-hearted without pain. Your higher self knew that by being in contact with angels you would begin the journey of learning how to be strong and brave enough—working again with Cerviel, the Angel of Courage, you will be able to give the love you so desperately long to give to others. And so desperately long to receive from the human race.

So you have come here as a first step to learn how to shine your gifts forward without fear. Do you understand what we are saying?


ARCHANGELS: We applaud your first step and look forward to working with you side-by-side as you become the full expression of your Divine Mother on earth.

QUESTION NINE: I’m wondering if the angels have any messages for me since I’m usually not courageous enough to ask them.

ARCHANGELS: The only message that we would wish you to receive at this time is to think about the idea of being fearless. What does it mean to be someone who lives a fearless life? From this realm the definition of living a fearless life means to be open to your Truth and to express it without fear. Of course, it does not mean to bully. It means to feel strong enough and sure enough of your heart and your own goodness that you feel safe and clear about letting it shine.

What this realm senses is that there is some doubt deep in your heart, it is not superficial and you do not recognize it, but from this realm we see it. You doubt, at your very depths, your own goodness and your own worth. You are trying now to strengthen those parts of yourself because you realize that as you understand and know the value of who you are, and the beauty of who you are, and how much beauty you have to give to the earth, and you believe in that and you awaken that fully, you know that you will be a fearless individual who can stand in their Truth and shine a light for all others.

This realm would like you to think about this: “What does fearless mean to me as a belief system?” Move away from the definition or idea of fearless in any way that would involve any kind of striking out—explore the idea of a quiet fearlessness. And please go into your heart and remove any self doubt and any places where you still hold unworthiness—remove any place that blocks being fully a conduit for angels. That would be our simple message as you begin the journey to shining the full expression of your beauty on this earth.

QUESTION TEN: Can you give guidance about how to respond regarding finances and prosperity? Regarding the means to accomplish, the means to work and finances.

ARCHANGELS: We are so glad that you brought this up for this is the number one issue for many human beings and it is wedded deeply to your belief systems. Money. You have utilized this exchange of energy called money, since very long ago, to control and enslave one another. It has become an expression for the human race of power. It has become an expression for the human race of powerlessness. Because of this it is held in the collective unconscious the idea that money is “dirty.”

Some of you don’t mind the fact that it is “dirty” and this doesn’t stand in your way to achieving or getting it. Others of you feel that it is “dirty” and so you don’t want it and so won’t manifest it. All of you, who have been on this earth for many lifetimes, are aware of how it has been used and hoarded and how some have been allowed to starve; how people have been exploited, used for sexual slaves for money, used as every type of slave for money; how people have begun wars for money and how poverty consciousness has done the most damage to this planet than anything else.

The poverty consciousness that you all hold in your belief system is what guides you to create your flow of abundance. It is absolutely true, without any doubts, that your idea of money causes much pain in your lives. It can be that you say on one level that I want or need money, but on another level you still hold your poverty consciousness and your beliefs about money—so you push it away.

From this perspective or this realm, something very interesting about money happens. When you are working and feeling enslaved by your job you often will either find yourself being fired, or creating in some way a negative environment around your work.

Even if a job or a place of business is in some level successful, if enslavement consciousness is a part of the business or you don’t enjoy what you are doing it will not succeed overall. Many of you are seeing how large corporations are faltering and falling and struggling—when they struggle to stay afloat they grasp onto their “slavery consciousness” even more. They don’t think with expansive consciousness, they don’t think, “how can we help the world?” instead they think, “how can we hold onto what we have and exploit our workers as slaves even more to get even more for ourselves?”
They are immediately causing their own demise with this consciousness—for that consciousness will be unsuccessful as you all move into the higher consciousness for your world that we in the angelic realm pray you will embrace.

We look forward to you moving into truth; the truth that abundance is your right. Those of you who are in the flow and doing your life’s work truly—feeling that your life’s work is guided not by what you get, but instead is guided by what flows through you—find yourself being supported, not necessarily to the point of great wealth, but you find that just what you need is coming to you. This is so you can continue with your path and you can do the work you need to on this planet.

You are creating your wealth and your lack of wealth, both as a society and an individual by these deeply ingrained beliefs. We talked about the cells of your body holding darkness. Well, it is as if the very cells of your body hold these beliefs. If you have been, and we will tell you that if you have lived enough lives that you HAVE BEEN enslaved in some way, enslaved in a way that allowed someone else to prosper, then you hold in your body, in your very energy body and in your consciousness, the idea that someone who is wealthy is bad. You hold the idea that someone who is wealthy is exploiting others to get that. That is your template. That is the template of the human race.

Even though you look at wealthy people and think, “Boy, I’d like to have their money,” very often you also think something bad about those people. It is difficult to change these belief systems, but your belief system about money at its very root must change.

Money is energy. Pure and simple. An energy exchange between individuals. Whether it is done as commerce and trade or whether it is done with coin. One person performs a service and another person considers it to be of value and pays or trades for that of equal energy value. That is how it should work. If it is out of balance it will begin to feel that you are working too hard for too little money and there is a huge number of people on this earth who work very, very hard for very, very little. They are still involved with the idea that they are slaves and someone above them is getting rich from their labor.

In this case the wealthy believe that it is okay for them to be wealthy because they are smarter and more capable and they have just “climbed to the top of the pile, to the top of the heap” and it is their “right” to control the rest of you. So, it is important for you (this is a universal message and not for one individual) to realize that it is about your being in the flow of your gift. Find your soul’s purpose, feel that it shines, and we can tell you that without a doubt that purpose will be supported because YOU are going to know it will be supported. You will working with your guides and your angels so clearly that you will hear their voices and you will do what your are being told to heal the world and God will give you what you need to do that job.

How MUCH of it is going to be dependent on whether or not you believe that you need this that or the other thing. But oftentimes living in simplicity, a simple life with a little, will actually feel better to the soul because you do not have to spend so much time worrying about your material possessions and devote more of your time to your soul’s purpose and your heart’s purpose. This is the reason someone might go into service as a priest or monk, the idea was to take a vow of poverty. We had hoped that human beings would change that word. We had hoped that a monk would take a vow of SIMPLICITY.

To take a vow of simplicity is a far different psychological position to be in than to take a vow of poverty. We ask none of you to take a vow of poverty. But to take a vow of being in your soul’s purpose and if you feel that simplicity is where you need to be then simplify your life so that you can spend more of your time devoted to your soul’s purpose. Do not think of running here and there to make money. Think of money flowing through you. From our perspective money is an endless supply and many of you have found, “Well I didn’t think I’d make it through that month but somehow I did.” Or, “I didn’t end up on the street that time, but somehow the perfect apartment for what I could afford came up” or a roommate came by, and so forth. That has kept you sustained and that is showing you that you are being assisted. Those of you how are finding yourself in bankruptcy have done this to yourself to simplify your life and to start again. It is as if you were being driven by things that you felt were out of balance and you wanted to start all over again.

If you are experiencing this then begin again with a different template. Do not build your wealth on the same template of control, servitude and enslavement. Begin your new template with the idea that God supplies and endless supply of what I need and I will use that energy, that money, through me to make the world a better place. And thank God for it everyday. And you will find that your life will alter because your belief system about money has altered.

QUESTION ELEVEN: I would like to know if I am on my intended path.

ARCHANGELS: What do you sense your path to be?

QUESTIONER: I don’t know.

ARCHANGELS: So, how could you be on it? So, what do you sense your path to be? We will ask you again now that you are aware. We did this in such a curt manner to show you that if you do not know it, then you can not be on it. So, we will help you now. What makes your heart sing? What makes you happiest.

QUESTIONER: Animals. The environment.

ARCHANGELS: The Archangel Ariel is the angel of this. Please to bring her into your life on a daily basis. She will connect you strongly with the nature realm: fairies and so forth. This is what makes you happiest?


ARCHNAGELS: This is what makes you happiest. Do you wish to share it with others?

QUESTIONER: To be in it alone.

ARCHANGELS: And how do you currently feel about the idea of what mankind has done to the earth?

QUESTIONER: I don’t like it. I feel that mankind is destroying it.

ARCHANGELS: So, this would be your soul’s purpose or your intended path. Your feelings aligned with your heart to help the earth heal. Yes?


ARCHANGELS: So, how would you best do this? By working with others who can give to the earth the healing she needs. So this is your intended path or soul’s purpose. And this is a perfect way to show an individual how to find their soul’s purpose. What do you love and how can you help it to be stronger on the earth.

So this is your soul purpose. To express your joy and join in with others and help the earth move into a more loving frequency with humans and to be herself happy, healthy and whole. And you will be supported and aligned with your soul’s purpose.

QUESTION TWELVE: (A young girl asked this question)
I have a question. When I try to talk to the angels and ask for advice sometimes I think that I’m making up the advice myself.

ARCHANGELS: Yes. So do all human beings. Human beings often do not believe in angels at all. You are aware of that, right?


ARCHANGELS: Angels are something that a human feels with their heart. You understand that idea? You have a lovely heart. Yes? First of all it is important for you to understand that angels do not communicate like humans do. It is rare that angels would speak to you like they are speaking through this human right now. Not all humans are comfortable with this type of channeling in their own body. But, it does not mean they can not receive angelic communication.

There are a few ways that angels can communicate and we’ll find out the one that fits you best. Some people just feel an angel’s presence. They feel that their guides and their guardians are telling them something through their body. We will give you an example: if you are in a place where you are very happy. Let’s say you are with a person who makes you very happy—can you think of a person who makes you very happy?

QUESTIONER: Either my mom or my sister.

ARCHANGELS: Okay. Now, when you are with someone who makes you very happy, either your mother or your sister, how do you feel in your heart?

QUESTIONER: It feels very full.

ARCHANGELS: Full. Yes. You see. That is because you are allowing a feeling or emotion or the presence of another human being to fill your heart and give your body a feeling. Now, if an angel was present you would have a similar feeling. So, if your heart feels “warm” or you feel joy you can know that an angel is around you. This is one way a human being would know the presence of an angel or a guide in their physical body.

Another way, but very rare, what you are talking about, is the idea that you might hear words. Yes?


ARCHANGELS: That’s a little scary sometimes if you think that you are going to hear someone speak to you and then you look around and you say, “Where are you?” “I don’t see you.” Then you get scared. So, it’s very unusual for angels to actually have long dialogue. But, that being said, have you ever heard, out of nowhere, you think that someone has said your name?


ARCHANGELS: You think, “I just heard my name.” That’s an angel getting your attention. All of you have experienced that: Where suddenly you hear your name inside your head. Another way is what the humans call the “third eye.” When you see images or pictures or ideas. It’s like in your dreams. You might be on your way to sleep and all of a sudden in your “dream-mind” you might see an angel. When that happens, Stop, Hold the angel in your mind and ask, “Angel what message do you have for me?”

Next will come the following way of communicating which is Knowing. This occurs through the crown charka or the top of your head; you just know what your angel is saying to you. Perhaps your angel would say you are loved—or perhaps they would say “Do this,” or “Don’t do that,” to offer a suggestion. They might be telling you it wouldn’t be safe to do an activity as they watch over you.

The four main ways are: a feeling in the body and in your heart and a warmth rushes over you and be accompanied by a smell of a flower or vanilla; also is the idea of hearing a voice or hearing a ringing or buzzing in your ear; then as you drift off to sleep you can envision the picture of your angel and then ask, “Angel what message do you have for me?” and your angel will tell you “telepathically,” by letting you “know.”

Those are the ways your angel could communicate with you; and if one or the other of these ways suits you better let your angel know and they will be happy to oblige and give you the opportunity to connect in that way in the future.


Margaret has been speaking with and working consciously with the angelic realm since childhood. She holds monthly channeled sessions at Partners In Massage in Hyde Park, NY to give people the opportunity to ask questions of the angelic realm. As well as being an angelic channel, licensed massage therapist, Reiki Master and certified Past Life Regression Therapist, Margaret is also the author of the novels "Infinite Darkness/Infinite Light," and "Lies and Lust in the Tudor Court: The Fifth Wife of Henry VIII" and the soon to be released, "Children of Angels: A Modern Day Fairy Tale," and "Archangels Speak."
Margaret is available for private and group channeling. Contact her via or through Partners In Massage at: 845 229-9133.