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Gnostics and the Attack of the Archons

Posted on May 3, 2017 at 8:00 PM

Gnostics and the Attack of the Archons

Archon is the term the Gnostics gave to creatures who live in another dimension and infect our minds with what is commonly called today, “black goo.”  Gnostics are pre-Christians who created a type of spiritual and metaphysical “mystery school.” Gnosis means “Inner knowing” and is a path of experimental mysticism. It directs the Seeker inward to find truth; and believes that God lies within the Self. Jesus’ statement, “The Kingdom of God lies within you,” is a Gnostic belief.

The Gnostic creation myth is unique in that it includes how inorganic alien beings came into our universe, our world and our minds. In a text called, Nag Hammadi, the Gnostics describe their visionary journeys, and it is in these journeys that they discover the Archons.

What the Gnostics discovered is that these Archons infect the human mind, and pull it downward into darker, less evolved states of being. They affect the human mind with subliminal conditioning techniques, and the human being is often unaware of the “infection.” Behavior in the human victim changes, but the human being can’t self-judge or monitor. The first sign of infection in a human being is what I call “childish” behavior (to the extreme.) If your best friend starts attacking you, and blaming you, and ganging up on you, and you are absolutely blindsided by the attack, you can be pretty sure the infection has begun.

If the infection grows, the behavior plunges downward from there. It can get very dark, ugly and filled with rage. Often known as, “Reptilian Mind Virus,” this type of attack if very painful to the sensitive, empathetic soul. The first thing a human-incarnated angel always does is blame themselves. Human-incarnated angels have to learn to stop shouldering all the world’s problems, and blaming themselves first.  What did I do? Is the first question often asked by the sensitive Empath. In the case of Reptilian Mind Virus, the answer is often, “nothing.” Irrational emotional attacks on other people is a hallmark of Archon activity in an individual.

Through the Gnostic writings we come to realize (often with shock) that the idea of Reptilians, Grays, and other ET interference in our development has been understood long before Christianity. What interests me more is how our modern-day experience is being shaped by these entities.

The first, and most important, thing for me to state is that I believe that the Archonic “black goo,” is a biological weapon created hundreds of thousands of years ago by the Draconian Reptilians. Other people will argue that the black goo is older than even the Reptilian race, but I believe that it was a brilliant creation of the Family of Dark. It is brilliant because it makes it difficult, and almost impossible, to access Divine Light when one is infected. It creates fear, and then feeds on our fear. It is, in essence, a brilliant biological weapon. It is self-sustaining. It lowers the vibration of the host so that the fear and anger are sure to be the constant state of consciousness; then it feeds off the lower vibrational emotions.

Often, it closes the heart, and the pineal gland, (third eye) to make it difficult to access the wisdom needed to free oneself. This vicious cycle makes sure it endures!

It is for this reason, that clearing one’s fear, by FACING IT, is the best method of release. You cannot run faster than the Archon, but you can defeat it by clearing your mind. In my opinion, this is one of the reasons that Buddha taught non-attachment and neutral emotional practices; it frees a human being from Archonic infection

The only problem is that people want to get to freedom the easiest way possible; they want to wave a magic wand and become Ascended Masters! Americans want quick fixes; but, the soul requires dedication far beyond what most human beings are willing to undergo. The path to freedom is to Know Thyself.

The Archons have ABSOLUTELY NO ABILITY TO CREATE anything within us. NONE. They stimulate the unhealed parts of our own souls; and they feed off the residue!

Thus, the more you know yourself, the less they can get a hold of you. Trigger buttons are pushed by Archons. They actually know you better than you know yourself.

The most likely to fall victim to Archon infection are those with Dark Soul contracts from this life, or other lifetimes. If you have participated in Satanic activity in any lifetime, been a mass murderer, a pedophile, or signed a contract with the Dark Side in exchange for wealth, power or fame, you are number one on the list for infection. By definition, signing that type of contract is making an agreement with the Archons to host within you, in exchange for the above mentioned "gifts."

When the Devil tempted Jesus with power and riches, and Jesus refused, he was refusing an Archonic agreement.  

The Archons can simulate reality within the human psyche and confuse us; they can make us believe things are true, that aren’t. One of the reasons that people become narrow-minded and wedded to their beliefs is because of the Archonic infections. For example, when someone attacks a Jewish temple and puts Swastikas on the temple, they have no idea why they are doing it. Down the line someone filled their head with the idea that Jews are their enemy; and they can’t shake it. The human beings in the temple have never done anything to the individual who attacked them, but it doesn’t matter. The attacker is in a full-blown illusion that the members of the temple are his enemy, even if he has never met any of them personally.

If you doubt the power of the Archons to create hate, you needn’t look any further than Nazi Germany. People marvel at how the Hitler regime was able to turn an entire country to the dark side. It is because they knew how to spread the Archon infection; the Reptilian Mind Virus. One of the main methods was through the Swastika. When they inverted the ancient symbol of love and friendship, they used dark magic to implant an Archonic infection into it. Then they plastered it everywhere. You couldn’t get away from it. Every time you looked at it you became more and more infected; and every time an infected person looked at it, they strengthened the infection within the image.

A vicious cycle, indeed.

Recently, someone sent me a writing on the internet about the Archons. The author had many of her facts correct, but then she stated, “Use Satanic energy to get rid of the Archonic implant!” She claimed she “suffocated” the implant with the Satanic energy. I was horrified at the suggestion, but knew that the author was spreading a means to feed these parasites. Believe me, if you try to wrestle up enough Satanic energy to suffocate an Archon, you will suffocate long before it does! Yet, this person is a healer and people are coming to her for help!

I suggest following Jesus Christ, and Buddha before you follow her. Both of these Ascended Masters taught us about the dark side. Buddha with the demon, Mara. Jesus with the Devil. Only after clearing himself and resisting the Archonic “deal,” could Jesus clear demons from others. Only after resisting a life time of attacks by Mara and turning to her and saying, “I see you,” could Buddha free himself from that demon!

Archons are also able to mask themselves. How many of you have had bad dreams where someone you thought you trusted turned on you? That is an Archon trying to turn you against a beloved friend, family member, or colleague. The Archons get into the fourth dimension and pretend to be someone you trust; then they “fool” you by attacking you. They are tricking and they use mind simulation programs to trick you.

They lower your vibration (that includes being the fourth dimension) the more susceptible you are to their attacks and tricks.Don't be fooled!


To Resist:

1.       Know Thyself. Stop looking outward for God. Know the God-Self within. God is known through the Self. Your behavior lets you know where you are in relation to God.

2.       Practice love, kindness and compassion

3.       Clear your trigger buttons

4.       Like Buddha, say, “I see you” to the Archonic demons.

5.       Don’t give in to temptation. Third dimensional attachments to beauty, wealth, fame, power are dangerous inroads to Archon infection.

6.       Stay clear and loving even if you are attacked, or if you attack another person. Forgiveness brings freedom!  I can’t stress that enough. Forgiveness for self and others leads to non-attachment.

7.       Connect to the Divine Energy daily.




























The Path of the Human-Incarnated Angels and ETs

Posted on February 6, 2017 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (7)

The Path of the Human-Incarnated Angels and ETs


I have been working as a spiritual counselor/past life therapist for over twenty years. I have witnessed the changes in the individual consciousness of myself, and my clients, as well as in the collective worldview, over that period of time. I have researched, experienced and observed the path of people who have felt, since childhood, that they “don’t belong here,” or that they were different.

I have heard stories of abductions in this life (or other lifetimes) by Reptilian Extraterrestrials, or Gray aliens or Mantid-Insectoid beings. I have met with people who have been brave enough to look at their karmic shadow and heal the dark contracts that have held them enslaved for lifetimes. I have also known many who have run away from their own, and the collective shadow; afraid to see the truth of it. I have walked a path that many people on Earth deem crazy…and I know that I am not alone. I know that many, many others have walked a similar path, but are afraid to speak of it because they do not have the support they need to speak their truth.

Over the years, I have witnessed that there are universal experiences that many of us have. What I find even more interesting is that these experiences mirror the ones that Jesus had. For example: We engage in a spiritual seeking that mirrors his Lost Years. These years are when Jesus went to the East to study with spiritual masters. Then, like Jesus we meet with the Devil and demons to overcome our fear of them and understand their place in our soul’s growth. We teach and counsel, or work as healers. We experience betrayal and loss. We suffer and learn to forgive our perpetrator.

After having been “beat-up” (or nailed to the cross), we find the teachings of Buddha to help us attain emotional and spiritual neutrality, and understand the wisdom of the old soul. We clear the karmic attachments that keep us tied to this lower third-dimensional realm. Perhaps we have taken a Bodhisattva vow in another life, or prepare to do so. Perhaps we choose, after death, another less painful dimension to continue our work.

The angelic souls came in particularly innocent; often they wear the biggest pair of rose-colored glasses a human can find, and when those get tarnished they simply put another pair on top of them, hoping to continue their rosy worldview, despite the pain, and betrayals they suffer. Those who carry the energy of the Angel Grace, or the Angel of Blessing, for example, or appear delicate and surrounded by fairy or mermaid energies. have the greatest difficulty adjusting to the harsh realities of being incarnated upon the Earth.

Those angelic souls who carry the warrior energy of Archangel Michael, (or other archangels) or the energy of the angels of Courage, Knowledge or Truth will find themselves better equipped to handle this planet and the wars that often surround it. However, they too, will find themselves struggling with the lies, deception, secrecy and powerlessness of being human.

Humans create karma. Karma is created when you take away the free will of another human being, in this dimension. It can be big karma, like murder; it can be smaller karma, like denying another the right to follow their own heart in a career choice. Karma creates energetic cords between individuals; cords that hook most often into the main chakras and draw us toward that individual until the karma is healed. The cords can be created lifetimes ago; they can even be created off planet. These cords loosen with only one state of mind…forgiveness. And the forgiveness comes more often than not from a search through one’s past lives; and involves doing a face to face with the shadow. Healing takes place through the shadow, for it is the shadow that requires healing.

This book is designed to let those of you who relate to it, that you are not alone. I share these insights and experiences to assist you to find the courage to do the real journey of healing the soul. The journey through the shadow; back into the light. Light reveals the shadow; shadow hides the Light. Enlightenment will never be achieved through ignoring the shadow, or putting on another pair of rose- colored glasses. Strength, truth, courage, and wisdom are all an important part of the soul’s growth. These are attained through experience. Do not run from the experiences you have collected through your many lives on this planet, or on other planets, or in other dimensions. These experiences have made you what and who you are. Embrace them as your teachers.

 CHAPTER ONE: The First Incarnation


At some point, if a client works with me long enough, I will assist them to return to the state of consciousness they had when they were still a part of The Oneness. This is the time of consciousness prior to the establishment of an individual ego; this is the time when a soul attains enough consciousness to experience the nature of a separate reality, yet not enough to feel alone. In this state a soul feels completely held within the loving womb of God. There is no fear, because the soul has yet to experience separation. There is no feeling of being alone, because the soul has never been “alone.” Held in a loving embrace for eons, the soul enjoys this joyful state of Beingness. (Yes, it mimics the womb experience for a human fetus, however, the human fetus can experience pain, both emotional and physical. A fetus, being conceived within the body of a heroin addict, in the midst of emotional turmoil and violence, registers these experiences. These first souls do not, ever, experience pain.)

Every soul has a story to tell about how it first separated from the One. Not only do the “hows” differ; so, do the “whys.” Curiosity is one of the more common reports of venturing out from God. Eons of being held in the womb of God is all well and good; but as the soul “ages” it begins to sense something outside of its own world. Some of the reports from the “curious” souls are: I wanted to see what was “over there,” or “my innocence led to my curiosity, like a toddler is curious.” These people report seeing something happening, something quite outside of their normal experience. They sense a dark mass or form in the distance and want to check it out. Or they begin to notice “others,” and want to explore the energies they are “picking up.” These souls often wander innocently into dangerous territory; but realize far too late. Because they did not have the knowledge to protect themselves, they wandered into danger.

Another common theme is a feeling of being thrust out into the darkness and fear. There appears little time between a soul’s consciousness registering an external energy and the experience of fear. These souls are often highly intuitive, and they begin to sense something “different.” “Something isn’t right,” or “this energy doesn’t feel right,” is often the way these souls explain their experiences. They often report being captured quickly by dark beings, non-human entities, quite quickly after they have the thought about “darker” energy. They feel lost and they report thinking, “why am I being punished?” or “what did I do wrong?” “why is God punishing me?”

The third most common theme is adventure. These souls appear to have a strong separation and ego push, that sends them out from the Source. They too are innocent, but excited to try a new experience. They want to “know it all,” and experience it all. They are the brave explorers and often have a fearlessness that pushes them into all types of situations.

Whichever way a soul chooses to seek separation from Oneness; that first experience shapes the soul’s consciousness throughout its many incarnations, both human and non-human. A Samskara, or mental/emotional complex, is laid down that continues to create over and over the many experiences of the soul; it defines much of what the soul understands to be true about the nature of reality. Consciousness creates, and recreates, such beliefs as, “I am unworthy,” “God abandoned me,” “It’s not safe to venture out,” or they hold a great deal of anger at God for creating evil, and wonder why. Some souls feel tainted by their journey into evil and darkness. Few souls see themselves as the mythological character known as the Prodigal Son, returning home at the end of their journey through darkness, pain and fear, with new knowledge, wisdom, and a greater appreciation for the “Father’s” love.

The Earth realm that we are all familiar with consists of the Lower Astral, third and fourth dimensional states of consciousness. Third dimension is defined by what we can see, touch, taste and smell…limited by our five senses. Fourth dimension is the lower astral energy that connects to the third dimension and impacts us in an unseen manner. Those with a sixth sense understand this world intuitively; but make no mistake, it impacts all of us!

We have all heard the idea that our consciousness creates our reality; but, this idea is rarely demonstrated to our satisfaction while in our physical vessel. Human earth life is dense; very dense. However, our soul, unencumbered by the dense physical vessel, creates reality instantly. Our soul and our consciousness are essentially the same thing; when we cast off the “mortal coil” (as Shakespeare put it) we become something much lighter…we become the pure energetic expression of our human selves. We become our soul…we become pure consciousness.

Every soul experiences a different death. And, every soul’s death is different each lifetime. The reason for this is that your consciousness creates reality upon death; you aren’t going to see Jesus after you die 4000 years ago, because he wasn’t in your consciousness, and a death which is peaceful will create a different passage than a death during war.

Energy left behind in the lower astral plane (fourth dimension) contains the consciousness “left behind;” consciousness too dense to rise above this realm. Ghosts are said to inhabit the fourth dimension; the more energy left behind by the departing soul, the more likely we are to see a ghost. You can be alive right now; and have a ghost of you stalking Gettysburg. Indeed, your consciousness fragments are strewn throughout the fourth dimensional realm until you recollect and reintegrate them.

My more than twenty years of experience, taking people through their deaths in other lives, shows me that sometimes a soul returns quickly, without processing the life just left. Other times a soul rises above the lower astral realm, and does a life review. Souls who process the life left behind before reselecting another body, evolve much more quickly. Instead of reacting to an unhealed event in life, and choosing revenge; a more evolved soul will let go of the anger or fear, leave it behind in the fourth dimensional, lower astral realm, and raise themselves above the emotional cord that drags them back into density.

To leave behind the karmic wheel of reincarnation forever, a soul must clear up the emotional cords of density that continually drag it back into a physical vessel; when the emotional/mental/physical karmic ties are released, the soul continues its journey “home.” Now, however, the soul learns in the higher planes of existence. A Bodhisattva is a soul who vows to continue reincarnating into a physical vessel, to help other humans to release their karma and ascend. Every Bodhisattva knows that each time they return they run the risk of being “re-hooked” into the lower density of the third dimension; trapped into the wheel of reincarnation once again, until their karma is cleared.

How does all of this relate to the first incarnation? It appears that although the soul’s consciousness gains wisdom and knowledge through its many incarnations throughout time/space, the original wounding follows us. Whether we feel abandoned by God, angry at God for creating evil, punished by God and deserving of the suffering, or evil ourselves once we are tainted by darkness, we recreate this original wound and add to it, lifetime, after lifetime. The more we “know ourselves” the more we begin to recognize that our original wound has been dogging us for a long time. A very long time.

The longer we carry this wound the more complex the karma, often built around this original emotional complex, becomes. In the younger soul ages (infant, baby and young) we are like children thrashing out, acting out, without the wisdom to understand that we are creating our own hell. As the soul matures (mature and old soul ages) the human gains the ability to self-reflect. In the end, the human realizes they must self-redeem; they realize that the Kingdom of God is within them and that redemption comes from a journey taken within, to Know Thyself, not by putting energy into others and asking them to redeem you. Trusting your inner knowing is a sure sign that you are growing up in soul age.

Connected to this consciousness is the need to rescue and save others. We play a game of perpetrator/victim and we look toward others to save us. The biggest victims will always become the biggest perpetrators. Unable to take personal responsibility for their karma, and recognize that their own words and actions recreate their personal hell; these people turn everyone into their perpetrator. If you try to save one of these people, eventually you will become their perpetrator. It is easier to blame others than to look in the mirror. Energy vampires will suck you dry; and then turn on you when you refuse to continue feeding them. They often create ditches so deep that they can’t find any way out other than to continue the old patterns.

We have all played the game of reincarnation, and because of this we will experience many different states of being. Male/female. Rich/poor. Victim/perpetrator. Powerful/powerless. Judge/judged. The first incarnations often hook a soul into creating more female or male lives, for example. The Samskara (mental/emotional complex) will lay down a belief that, “men are bullies,” and create more female lives; or “women are helpless,” and create more male lives. But, every soul has the potential to create either male or female lives. Being born into the body of a woman, but wanting to be a man, (or vice versa) as so many are expressing these days, is the soul indicating discomfort due to suddenly being housed in an unfamiliar vessel. Sometimes, however, the Higher Self wants to challenge the soul to try a different expression. Sex changes allow the human ego to say, “Nope, don’t like this,” even after incarnating!

Until we become more aware of ourselves in the bigger picture our world will continue to be a reactive, baby soul, playground. Young and Baby Souls take positions of power; young and baby souls look for saviors. Young and baby souls think they are wiser than they are. Mature and Old souls often feel trapped in a world of young and baby souls. That is why so many of them long to return to a more peaceful and kinder world; and why they often feel they are talking to a room of toddlers. Each soul age is limited by their experiences.

It is your job to figure out your own soul age; and the lessons you came here to learn. And the karma you came here to heal. You can’t move to the Transcendental Soul age until your karma is neutralized. Your personal triggers are keys to your unhealed self. That is why a Bodhisattva will always say, “Thank you,” when they are verbally attacked. They see the attacker as their biggest teacher. If they react to the attack they know that they are being gifted by realization that they have some personal emotional healing to do. They know they gave their power away to another. If they feel neutral to the attack they know they are exactly where they need to be.

The quicker our Bodhisattva or Higher Selves become our main avenue of consciousness, the quicker we learn to see the world as our teacher; and the less likely we are to see others as our enemy.

Many people are confused by how much they should act in the face of a perceived evil. They believe that if they ignore evil it won’t get power over them. This has not proven to be true. Evil exists and its job is to insert itself into good. Human life teaches through moral choices; you are as you act. It allows us to know ourselves with harsh clarity. Times of great evil allow us to know ourselves with even greater clarity. Do you turn in your Jewish neighbors to save your own skin during your lifetime in Nazi Germany? Do you realize that the soul is worth saving; and that the soul is defined by the choices made? The third dimension requires action…and defines the soul’s current consciousness with a harshness that most people find difficult to address. It is said that if you can act upon your Higher Self Consciousness in this lowest density plane of existence, you can probably act upon it in any dimension. The Earth provides a very intense place for the soul to learn lessons and grow. Seeing ourselves clearly here means looking into our original wounding, and addressing the shadow self.











Interesting Article

Posted on August 12, 2015 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (1)

So many of my Lightworker/Starseed clients have expressed these feelings and ideas to me that I thought this article would be of interest and importance for some of you to consider.  

Moral Outrage as a Spritual Expression of Love

Posted on July 31, 2015 at 8:00 PM

Dear Friends:

Recently a friend told me that her expression of moral outrage was met with, "I'm worried about you."

She told me that story shortly after I heard an inspirational piece on Alternative Radio. A man spoke very eloquently about Moral Outrage as a Spiritual Expression of Love, and I was awoken to an interesting understanding. I asked myself, "When did moral outrage as a spiritual expression of Love become a No-No?"

I grew up in an era when moral outrage as an expression of love was considered to be the highest expression you could make. We believed that our concern about others, outside our immediate families, was an expression of spiritual love...we felt that we answered the question, "What would Jesus do?" when we cared about the underprivileged. We became outraged at the slaughter of the Vietnam War...or any war...or we felt that the hungry people deserved food....or that the children of the world whether from Palestine, or Israel mattered equally. When we felt this way, and expressed our beliefs we stood for something, and the expression was supported as a noble one. I mean, we were following in the footsteps of our great spiritual teachers like Jesus and Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. Expressing moral outrage was considered the highest form of Love.

Then the New Age entered. A reconditioned program of narcissism. Everything was about feeling good. Life was supposed to be one spiritually blissful event and if you ruined someone's "bliss," with talk about the reality that was around us, you were a pariah...a "downer." Suddenly, being spiritual meant shutting yourself off from the world and reaching astral heights. It meant being expert at escapism. Being a double (moon/sun) Pisces that suited me just fine. I was tired of crying my eyes out at the pictures of war and suffering...and here I was being offered an escape. Go into the ethers so you "feel good."

Unfortunately, it appears that the New Age has created a group of people who recoil at reality. Or they believe that as long as their reality is okay, then the world is okay. Many of us who want to "wake people up" to the world that is closing in around us are to be avoided. The human race has been programmed to seek pleasure and avoid pain; I get that. But, we are paying a very high price.

The Dark Side has always used the "other world," to give us something better to "go to." It started with the Catholic Church that turned people from their miserable lives of poverty to the heavens that will reward you....your Earthly life might be a prison, but don't worry, something better is in the clouds. You will be rewarded out there somewhere....The New Age stole the Jehovah Witness program of Rapture. We just call it ascension.

Today we have a candidate named Donald Trump running for President. Just like when Hitler started and everyone said, "That buffoon won't go anywhere, don't worry about him," Donald is being brushed aside by the intellectual community as a nobody. Yet, he is expressing humanly's outrage....not with an agenda of Love...but an agenda of anger. When moral outrage is expressed with anger and not love, war arises. Every war hides behind a religious moral outrage....I have to fight you and kill you because you are different from me. In Donald's case I have to yell at you and call you names. (If he had his hand on the button he wouldn't hesitate to use it.) His campaign manager just told someone who printed an article they didn't like that he would "destroy the man's fucking every way possible."

That is outrage...anger...reaction. People respond now to being angry and destroying, and they have forgotten how to be angry and forgiving. or to use their anger for social change and betterment. I am not a proponent of anger directed in unproductive ways. An angry society is an unhealthy society and leads to experiences like concentration camps and slavery. However, a society that has been put to sleep on one end of the spectrum, and is fiercely mean as an expression of anger on the other has no hope for healing.

Can we be the example of moral outrage as spiritual expression of Love again? Our world is being terra formed to suit the Reptilian nature....anger, radiation, reactions to the wrong things but not to the right things. I've seen this so many times....ancient biblical times, modern times, galactic times, and everything in between. I'm tired of the Reptilian brain, the Reptilian control systems of might makes right and the strongest survive. I hope we will continue to be the warriors we are----this is the time. Speak up...its the spiritual thing to do!

Five Common New Age MIsconceptions

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Five Common "New Age" Misconceptions


1. Ignore the Negative: Many people have been convinced that we need to turn away from anything that makes us uncomfortable or is painful to look at.


In Truth: All healing requires us to bring up that which is unhealed, and often painful, so that we may address it and shed light on it. If we turn away from that which is "negative" (and often unhealed) we never allow it to be integrated and understood. What is true about our own path of healing --- which is to turn inward and address our shadow --- is true of the world at large. The healing will always be in the shadow simply because it is the part of us that needs healing!



If you find yourself bringing up the "negative" in order for it to be healed, look for the gift, lesson and blessing in the event so that you can move past it. If an event has a clear purpose to aid our soul's growth we can integrate it, and move past it more easily.



We must also realize that when we see the negative we can prepare ourselves to withstand it, and/or alter it. Wisdom and Knowledge will always serve as a protector but our ignorance endangers us.



2. It is Wrong to Express a Negative Emotion: Many people feel that they shouldn't get angry, or frustrated, or feel anything that they associate with "negativity."



In Truth: It is appropriate to get angry when you see a child or animal being abused. We were given our emotions to serve as a moral compass. Cyborgs have no emotion. Humans do. We should treasure our emotional states as indicators of compassion and passion. You know who you are when you know what you feel. If your feelings have been negated, or you deny yourself the right to an emotion, you begin to weaken the platform that defines you as YOU. Use your emotional state to understand better who it is you are; and let the emotions guide you toward your healing.



3. There is no Right or Wrong: People want to allow all things as in "it's all good"... as an example of their "higher state of consciousness."



In Truth: The definition of karma is this: Taking away the free will of another human being. If you murder them, rob them, rape them, force them into slavery, force them to marry someone they don't want to marry (or any myriad of other ways you can deny a human their free will) you have created karma. At that time an energetic cord is created between the karmic participants and it is this cord that draws them together lifetime after lifetime until the karma is forgiven and resolved. Although it is indeed a very fair, "as you sow, you reap," way of doling out justice it also states within that universal law that if you take another person's free will you will have the same done to you. It is a teaching method. Anyone who has experienced a frightening event where their free will was taken from them will tell you that it is not pleasurable to be on the receiving end. At some point we have to learn to live in harmony with one another....but in the meantime it can never be okay to hurt a child or an animal or any other human being. If we say that's okay and "good" we create a world that condones the harming and torturing of others. That world is not okay or "good" to me. I don't ever want to find myself saying to a rape victim, "It's all good." Do you? To me there is a right and wrong.



4. There is No Darkness: There is only Light: Although everything about our world indicates that we live in a dualistic reality, surprisingly the New Age has sold a counter- intuitive bill of goods that tries to convince believers that there is no darkness or negativity.



In Truth: The same people who claim there is no negative energy or negative entities will often appeal to Archangel Michael or Jesus when they are being psychically attacked or they are frightened. The truth is that at the highest dimensional levels a soul is aware of both the dark/evil energies and the light/good energies and can hold both of these states of existence without fear. Buddha wrestled with the demon Mara all his life until the moment of his enlightenment. At that moment he said to Mara, "I bear you witness." He saw the demon and she was revealed. Jesus wrestled with the Devil and cast out demonic possession. If darkness was a part of these high spiritual beings lives I suspect it's a part of yours too. Overcome your fear of darkness by bearing it witness as Buddha did; not running away from it. It can be your greatest teacher if you let it.



5. There will be a Mass Ascension/Rapture at (fill in the date): The same type of "program" which has been running for many religions for many/many years....they just keep changing the date....was sold to many New Agers. This time the date was December 21, 2012. Now that date is passed they say it will be by 2017.



In Truth: Each soul is responsible for their own path and their own vibrational frequency. How we deal with what we are given is the greatest gift to ascension we will encounter. Turning away from Truth weakens us....standing in our Truth strengthens us. Build a personal platform of your own Truth/Ascension by uncovering your soul's history and integrating it into the being you are today. Don't wait for some being outside of you to "lift you to heaven." Don't wait for a magical date to turn everyone "good." You are responsible for you; they are responsible for them. Hold what is yours to hold and let others hold their own "stuff."




With Love,



Escaping the Lower Matrix

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Escaping the Lower Matrix


As we awaken our ability to access other dimensions of reality and seek profound levels of 'truth,' we shake the foundations of our beliefs and step -- at times -- into mental spaces that have little familiarity to the "old" other words the world we once accepted as real begins to crumble. 


It takes a very brave soul to hold tough in the face of this type of awakening. It takes someone brave enough and solid enough in their truth to question what they have been told by control systems and institutions and bravely state a new truth in the face of societal opposition.  When people want to drag out famous people who did just that they often begin with Galileo and Joan of Arc.  Why?  Because they stated truths that were in direct opposition to both cultural and societal truth; and although they were vilified at the time, centuries later they are both

considered heroes.  What is mentioned less often is the fact that Galileo rescinded his beliefs in the face of torture, and so did Joan (at least for a short time.) It saved Galileo from the inquisitor's wrath, but not Joan. When Joan was faced with burning at the stake after much torture and ridicule she rescinded her beliefs only to be told she would burn anyway. She was far too dangerous to the Lower Matrix of thought control to let her go; however, she reclaimed her truth prior to burning.  She publicly declared her Angelic guidance and unified with her soul's truth before she died.


I wonder what would have happened if Joan of Arc and Galileo had lived in the days of the world wide web?  Today we are faced with so many points of view and "truths" As a result it is more important than ever before to have clarity in our heads...what is real to me? It sounds simple enough, and perhaps in the days when we lived in tribes and small villages, toiled the land, went to church, married and died young and "knew our place," it was. But, today our lives are complex.  We can travel the world, or just sit in our living room and bring the world to us. Not only are we being hit with worldwide conflict and suffering we are also being "hit" with UFOs, and people talking about contact with aliens. Added to this, some of us have contacted our own Starseed material and believe that we are more than human.


The most difficult task to perform when one is awakening to truth outside the accepted cultural norms, is figuring out how to hold that truth while being ridiculed by family or friends.  Those people who have tough exterior shells, and early on decided they didn't give two figs what anyone else believes, have an easier time of it.  The gentle souls who want to please or "get along" with others, often find taking a stance in direct opposition to mainstream beliefs, a more difficult task. They get 'sad" and feel lonely...they think they should get along with others at all costs, and don't know how to be oppositional or different.  Yet, these people can also hold a point of view that they keep buried deeply within their hearts and minds and are afraid to share with others. 


"Being wrong," is bad...that has been drummed into us since childhood.  We must spit back information and be "right."  Otherwise we fail and get ridiculed by our peers and punished by parents and teachers.  What a good way to keep us from seeking truth that we can't prove! Yes, of course we will be wrong when we venture into unknown territory. Wrong doesn't equate to bad. Wrong may be our truth at the moment; and later we will say, "I was wrong." So, what? It's only "bad" when you can't admit you might be wrong.


As Seekers we know that we must be wrong first if we ever expect to get to "right."  When we declare beliefs that are not culturally accepted we must be willing to appear wrong. That fact in and of itself keeps us from searching outside the box if we are so afraid of judgment that we keep ourselves "safe" at all costs.


I have become interested in what people are REALLY experiencing instead of what they are supposed to experience.  I believe when someone comes to me and says that their son was abducted by aliens, or they were abducted by aliens, or the roof of their house disappeared and a UFO took it over and lifted them up, or they saw an angel or a ghost or they hear voices...or are being followed by demons or cursed by dark witches....they are telling me their truth.  Why would anyone make that up? Most psychiatrists (even today) would declare them delusional and put them on medication, which would snap them right back into the Lower Matrix and dumb out the feelings about these events. But, these are our friends, and neighbors…these are the people who sit next to you in church or at the PTA meetings. Yes, they are. I promise you, they are. I have heard from far too many of them. These experiences are rarely talked about. They are suppressed. I've had people (after insisting that this stuff has nothing to do with them) state that their son/daughter, or even they, were abducted. "Oh, my God, they will exclaim, "I just remembered my daughter/son's experience when they were a child." Let people tell their true stories. Stop trying to censor them because you are afraid to hear the truth. It benefit’s the dark side to divide and conquer. It benefits love to hear and reach out to one another. Ask your children and they will tell you some very "off the matrix" information. Some of them might even inform you that the Reptilians tell them stuff in their head. What do you do with that? Do you believe them?


Experiences that put you in the line of fire with the Lower Matrix society eventually become mainstream beliefs. It wasn't long ago that in America a belief in past lives would cause you to be ridiculed and shunned by many people.  Today I saw a young boy on Channel 4 news recite his past life information with such clarity that it could not be refuted, even by his Evangelical mother, or the mainstream media newscaster.  In the 1980s Shirley MacLaine was ridiculed for believing in past lives, yet today a young boy is listened to and applauded for his past life memories (they were substantiated by research) on morning television. What was once crazy is now accepted.


When the Canadian Defense Minister gets before a panel of his peers and says, "UFOs and aliens are real. Aliens work with the governments of this world. I think people can handle the truth of that," people don't know what to make of it. They have so long believed the ridicule that aliens are not real they balk at the possibility that our government, and other governments, know about them and work with them…all the while keeping it from us "normal" people. They then begin to ask themselves, "What else have I been lied to about?"


That is the question that starts what many call the journey down the Rabbit Hole…or the Escape from the Lower Matrix. It is called that because when Alice in Wonderland went down the Rabbit Hole she had experiences that challenged her notion of reality. Her world was turned upside down and she didn't know where to place her feet. That is exactly what most people feel when they get off the Lower Matrix. As I said before, it takes a very brave soul to jump into that hole willingly! Few choose it of their own accord. Many are pushed. If you are being pushed into Alice's Rabbit Hole and find the ground crumbling beneath your feet just remember…you are not alone. You are not alone. That is what I tell all the people who come to me for channeling, counseling, and information. I share the experiences each of you have with others to reassure all of us…We are not alone! The shake up is being experienced by many people around the world. Long ago I decided to "come out" and talk about it and to share my knowledge and my experiences, with those who are interested in this type of information.



Symptoms of Escaping the Lower Matrix:


1. You begin to question the institutions that you used to support.


Once upon a time you believed in your government, your church, your military, your school, your health care institutions etc… Americans were particularly susceptible to this because we were taught that we were the best and far superior to everyone else in the world. We turned to the institutions to take care of us, teach us right from wrong, and tell us what careers we should take.


Institutions ruled every facet of our lives from marriage to work to worship. They made us feel safe and secure and we had a foundation…even in our rebellion against them as hippies, or free thinkers, we had something solid to reject. That kind of rebellion feels safe. There is a solid and secure mainstream to rebel against. That is safe compared to a complete jump into the Rabbit Hole where there is no safety at all…first you are ten feet tall then you shrink to the size of a thimble like Alice did! No foundation to ground yourself against. That is step one in the Escape. You begin to think or consider that maybe the government and the church are not "good" after all. In fact, maybe they are actually protecting evil-doers from exposure. The next question you ask is, Why? Why would they do this?


2. You begin to question the nature of human nature.


Right now ISIS is doing that to many people. Although pure evil acts are being performed all over the world…from the snatching and marketing of human organs, to the sexual slave trade with children…ISIS seems to have hit a strong button in many people's minds. It confuses them, which I believe is good. Confusion leads people to ask questions. Are these people possessed? Are they just bad humans? What is going on here? Can people be possessed by dark entities and energies? If so, can they be made to do things they wouldn't normally do? These type of questions lead you off the old paradigm, and the ground begins to feel shaky. If you have ever had an encounter with "pure evil," as some of us have….you know it feels different from anything else you have ever experienced. It is not human evil…it is "other."


3. You begin to look at yourself and others as more than human.


If there is indeed "something other," than what am I? How about my father, mother, sister, brother, ex-husband or wife? You begin to search for answers to not only your experiences, but you are looking for answers and begin to ask, "why this or why that" for all of life. Are we divine and immortal souls? Is Earth the insane asylum of the universe? Are we trapped in a reincarnation cycle? Are we here to learn and progress spiritually? Do we get more than one shot at life? Where did I come from? Where am I going? What the heck does it all mean? Is any of this real?


The shake up begins to get serious. This is often when the internet searches (in the old days we would say the that the "book fell off the shelf," ) get very intense. And this is also when the confusion rises in intensity. The internet is responsible for more confusion and misinformation than anything else. But, it is also responsible for a lot of important information being shared.


Most of you have come across some "wild" stuff on the internet. You've chosen to disregard it or think about it. Consider it, or dismiss it. Adopt it as truth or fiction. But, you can't "unlearn" something.


Scientists are now saying that our reality is a hologram. Not just the native cultures who got this stuff intuitively, but Scientific American articles are stating this. What does that mean? Some will tell you that the Lower Matrix of control is a grid work system that keeps us trapped and unable to ascend. The Light at death is a false Archon creation and we are recycled and fed upon by the Reptilians and other dark beings. If this is the first time you've come across this idea, how does that make you feel? The second time you read it? The third time? If it shakes you up then you know that the platform you are standing on isn't as solid as you thought. You begin to ask:


What's real? Who are we? How do we know who to trust?


You are now firmly down the Rabbit Hole. This is where Alice drinks the potion and everything goes haywire. This is also when a lot of clients come to see me. They are struggling with the integration of reality based on a combination of their own reality and what they have read on the internet.


This is what I tell them:


1. The first step to strengthening your knowingness and truth is to get rid of everything. Clean house. This is the most frightening thing you will do, but essential. Get rid of everything that has given you security and question it. Everything. Decide that it is all a scam and nothing is real and you have no foundation. Then begin to CHOOSE what you are going to put back on the platform of your truth…the platform you are going to stand upon.


This time the platform is going to be of your own making. Let's say you've always believed in Jesus but have read that he might be a lie. Throw him off your platform until you are ready to put him back on based on your needs and your personal truth. Personally, I chose to put Jesus back on my platform because I believe I had a life with the historical Jesus and I have called on him to assist me to clear demonic energy when I've been attacked. When I open my heart without fear to love, even in the face of these attacks, and call out on him to assist me… BOOM… demons disappear. It works for me.


I don’t care if he is false to someone else. I don't care if its just the accumulated energy that has been put into that name for centuries. I don't care. It works for me. He goes on the platform…for MY reasons only.


You see what I mean. You don't believe in anything….throw it all out. Question it. But, humans need something to stand on…something real and authentic. Authentic is the key here. Is it authentic to you? Forget what some guru told you. Forget what some teacher or priest told you. Throw it away and decide what is truth for you… and be ready to change that truth when your experiences lead you to alter that platform. Only then will your platform be strong enough to hold you in the face of so many of today's challenges. Your truth is based on wisdom. Wisdom exists when experience and knowledge integrate within you. Stand strong on the platform of your own wisdom; you earned it!

Yes, It Is All Good....

Posted on February 23, 2015 at 6:00 PM

Every experience  has a gift and a blessing attached to it...if we choose to make that our truth.  For me the "bad" things have turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me...even if I couldn't see it at the time.  But, I could just as easily have made the experience a horror show if I thought of it that way.  My car accident in 1986 which ended my career as a dancer, began my career as a healer, for example.  Does that mean I didn't suffer a painful transition?  No. The transition from one career to another did not happen over night.  My identity as a dancer was all that I knew and taking it from me was very painful.  But, because of that I met my wonderful husband and grew as a person in ways I could have never  imagined.

The night before my car accident I had a dream about the accident...a lucid dream.  In the dream I was driving my car and another car rear-ended me sending me into the ditch....I awoke without the ending.The next day I said to two trusted friends, "I feel like I'm going to die today, but I don't think I'm going to die...I think I'm have something to learn and I'm strong enough to learn it."

The accident happened just that way...a drunk driver hit me from behind at well over 100 miles per hour.  I didn't die and Yes, I had something to learn...and yes, I've been strong enough to learn it!  But, what a journey it has been.  I'm grateful for the blessing of the lessons I've learned and the strength I've gained through the journey.

We all have experiences that are painful and challenging to our very soul!  I do NOT make light of these; they can bring us to our knees for a long time.  But, if we learn to walk again we are stronger and wiser for the experience.

This is why the dark side never wins in the long run.  They strengthen us through the "hits" they give us...and when we see the blessing and the lesson in our experiences we are winners.

Our souls are beautiful beacons of Light for the world; we shine when we speak our Truth and bring our gifts out into the world.  Remember the truth of your shining light and gifts and offer them to others.  You are the gift and the blessing! 

Waking Up

Posted on February 23, 2015 at 8:00 AM

What does “Waking up” mean to you?


Every so often a “catch phrase” makes the rounds it seems. Over the last few years I see “waking up,” everywhere. People are fond of the alarm clock analogy…the clock is ringing, wake up everyone. But, what I’m less sure of is what it means to people. I’m pretty sure what it means to me…but generally I have no clue what other people are talking about when they use the phrase. In and of its self it has no real meaning; it must be defined to have an impact.

So, I’m going to ask what it means to you:

1. Wake up to the environmental destruction and global warming?

2. Wake up to the fact you are a divine immortal soul?

3. Wake up to the fact that there are terrorists who are declaring war on you?

4. Wake up to the fact that you are being bought and sold and put into debt slavery at 21 with over $100,000 in school debt before you even begin?

5. Wake up to the vaccine agenda?

6. Wake up to Jesus?

7. Wake up to Buddha?

8. Wake up to yourself and learn who it is you are?

9. Wake up to the fact that you have much more power than you think you do?

10. Wake up to the fact that the mainstream media lies about much of its reporting…and omits the rest?

11. Wake up to the alien agenda?

Any of these…all of these….none of these? I have heard all of these answers and many, many more when I have asked people what wake up means to them. If you believe, as many do, that the alarm is ringing…or as the Hopi Indians say, “We are riding our horse very quickly straight into a wall,” what does that mean to you?

We are faced with the possibility that we are repeating a scenario that humanity has repeated before. Many times. For myself I have a pretty clear recall of my life in Atlantis during the “final days,” and I have probably heard between 50 – 100 other people’s memories of those times over the last 20 years I’ve been doing past life regression counseling. My final days in Atlantis were quite similar to today…trying to “wake people up” to what I saw as a dangerous course of action…not many listened. Interestingly enough, Chris, my husband and I were teachers in a metaphysical school on one of the islands of Atlantis at the time and we were both sounding the “alarm bells,” …. and we incurred the wrath of the other teachers for doing so. It was not a popular position at the time; and it’s not a popular position now. The faculty in that school had grown very “ego-full” and the power was going to their heads…as it was elsewhere in Atlantis at that time.

Power was being mis-used in Atlantis. Spiritual power was twisted for ego gain; dark programs were being put into people to have them enslaved without their knowledge, DNA and genetic manipulation was rampant and used for ego-gain, crystal enslavement and mis-use was common. Pretty much everything we had tried to teach while in that metaphysical school about working harmoniously with the energy we call God and allowing it to guide the soul’s purpose, had become twisted over many, many years (many years). So, I will define my “wake up.”

After Atlantis humanity lost all its “magic.” No longer could we remember how to move an object with our mind…we had to begin again, but this time we used our backs and arms to move matter. Or the backs and arms of the slaves we employed.

During this “new age” many people have been remembering the gifts they used to have…harnessing electricity from the sky, genetically combining a human with an ox, moving matter with anti-gravity devices etc…Many people have wanted to regain their abilities and remember sacred knowledge…sacred geometry and astral projection.

But, once again they want to do it without recognizing the dangers of the “dark side.” They want to pretend there is no dark side…within themselves, or outside of themselves. Regardless of the warning signs all around they want to pretend that we are like little children in a nursery school…allowed to play with all the toys without repercussions. I cannot repeat this often enough. When I asked God (or my Higher Self if that makes you more comfortable) why there is so much darkness in the world he said, “As long as humanity refuses to recognize the darkness, they will forever be enslaved by it.”

As in Atlantis, so today. That is my wake up call to all of us. The alarm is ringing. Where is the dark alive in you and outside of you?…Recognize it without fear so you can free yourself from it.  Individually we can choose how we are going to evolve; let's not repeat the same karmic patterns endlessly.  Let's wake up to the Light once again. 



The Its All Good Program

Posted on February 15, 2015 at 7:00 PM

The “It’s All Good” Program


Are you running the “it’s all good” program? I understand the metaphysical idea of looking at your experiences and asking, “What is the blessing, and what is the lesson in what just happened?” I believe that this act keeps us from victimhood, and allows us to access greater maturity. However, time and distance are often needed to do that; and sometimes the time span is lifetimes!

You wouldn’t say to a rape victim, “It’s all good.” It is flip and mean and untrue to their experience! Yet, people in America are saying, “It’s all good,” in a flip manner. I wonder if they say that in Syria, or Afghanistan, or Pakistan? Here is a small percentage of what’s not good in the world today!

1. Sexual slavery – children and adults - Rampant

2. Fukishima still dumping radiation into the Pacific and the air.

3. Hunger – more people hungry in the US than ever

4. GMO’s and food poisoning

5. Chemtrails and geo-engineering

6. Heroin and prescription drug addiction

7. Fracking

8. War and the populations that are being displaced

9. Racism and Religious hatred

10. The enslavement and mistreatment of women

11. The cost of Higher Education

12. Water pollution

13. Satanic ritual abuse being hidden by society at mass levels

14. Satanic ritual abuse done in public places like the 2015 Grammy awards to open dark portals and send out hexes and spells

15. Hybridization of the human DNA by Grey Aliens and other ET/ID’s

16. Soul alteration done by the same groups

17. Add your own to the list…I’m sure you have plenty to add…animal abuse, factory farming, economic inequality….on and on it goes….

Does that sound “all good” to you?

We are told to cheer up and look the other way; to be on the “sunny side” and not to dive into the darkness or reality. Americans put their shadow into TV programs while they sit at home eating popcorn and watching misogynist and hateful programs, believing they are better than the rest of the world.

We tell the world that we are the moral ones and then we broadcast this Yes, those are devil horns on the men!    This was broadcast worldwide on the 2015 Grammy’s; a full-blown Satanic ritual disguised as entertainment. The audience also wore devil worns and made the sign of Satan, and the show began with the song, "Highway to Hell."  And no, its not just Hollywood.  It doesn’t go away just because you didn’t watch it. If you were sitting in a foreign country being bombed by America and told how we are the moral watchdogs of the world; and then watched that on TV, would you believe it? In my childhood Dick van Dyke and his wife couldn't sleep in the same bed...I always thought that was hypocrisy.  But, this is much worse; these rituals are used to bring dark entities through portals.  And they are using the TV to do this now; and we sit by and say, "It's all Good."  This is clearly not good.

So, I’m going to “call out” the “It’s all good” program right now. I ask you to Stop running it! It’s not all good…in fact you didn’t come here to sanction the prison planet; you came here to reveal it and to assist in freeing yourself and others from it. Lightworkers are often susceptible to the “it’s all good,” program because it allows them to create a false reality of “My Little Pony” religion. Does it really make the world a better place to sit and meditate on a cloud?

YES YES YES…you need to be able to connect to your Higher Self and your God-Self if you want to make a difference and not “go down!” If you have been unsuccessful in that endeavor you are more vulnerable to psychic and other attacks. You need to strengthen your spiritual “chops!” But, as I have repeated, “The spiritual work was boot camp!” Can you shine your light on the darkness? Each of us has an area of expertise that we came here to accomplish before the Lower Matrix began to lower our vibrational consciousness.

What is your calling to reveal and assist to change? Some of my clients are concerned with the vaccination false documentation, some are revealing the alien agenda, some are helping the children who are cutting and burning themselves in record numbers, some are fighting the corporate greed….Everyone of us is here to challenge the darkness and bring in more Light and Love. But, we are not here to pretend that the world is only Love and Light, or that somehow it will miraculously move to Love and Light while we do nothing but imagine it to be so.

Do you admire people who are activists and take risks and challenge dark practices? Are you ready to make a real difference? First, remember what you came to the Earth to accomplish and then do it in whatever way you believe you can. Be an activist for the cause you care most about.

You can’t change the world. You can’t take it all on. But, there is an area of expertise that you brought in with you! Who are YOU? Who are YOU? Not the person next to you…but you! Life is so short; time moves so quickly. Someone saying to you that the world is all rainbows and my Little Pony doesn’t make it so.

Don’t be afraid to speak…we are counting on you speaking up! Shake things up! Challenge those around you who seem to be in a trance of denial…remove the Rose-Colored Glasses and look at the world as it really is. In my opinion that’s the only way to make changes.



Growing Inward - The Right Use of Will

Posted on February 2, 2015 at 4:25 PM

For most of our lives we have been taught to go "outward" for information and to seek truth.  We learned how to memorize information and spit it back; and we were praised for being good at that.  Some people were punished by their parents or teachers for being "Out of the Box" types who challenged authority and asked too many questions.  As a result, as adults when it comes time to think for ourselves, declare our right to be heard, and feel sure of our beliefs, we are lost.  We hop from one website to another; one facebook page to another, one teacher or guru to another in the hopes we will "find ourselves."  We found them...but did we find ourselves?

We are so afraid that people will shun us; disagree with us; call us crazy, or stupid or unfeeling (or fill in the blank) that we often hide in the background, get resentful, get fearful or just shut up all together.  How do we know what to believe?  Who should we trust?  Our true power feels so far away at times.  Despair, anger, fear, resentment build inside of us and explode out inappropriately, or ooze out in passive aggressive behavior.

What then is the Right Use of Will? What does the RIght Use of Will really mean?  If we are spiritual we might believe it means, "Thine will be done."  Meaning that God steers the ship.  If we are less spiritual we might believe it is as simple as being a "good person," and being kind to others.  But, what happens when our Will bumps up against the Will of another?

In America we are fortunate...many of us are free to state our beliefs without fear, worship as we choose, and select our communities and peers without punishment. However, as we are aware, in other countries people are not so fortunate.  Women, especially, are often under the control of a repressive government, patriarchy, religion and so forth.   They long to express themselves and assert their own Will, yet they will be punished, perhaps even put to death for doing so.  We think we have come so far; and yet this medieval thinking is still quite prevelant on the Earth today.

Freedom means the right to have a Will Center...the right to have a soverign thought or idea and see it manifested or expressed without reprisal.  We have found that when we tame our egos, and allow the energy we call God or Source to work through us we often find that the Will Center is calm..the Will Center is not so hungry and greedy to trample on other's rights. 

It appears that the Right Use of Will is intimately connected to the quieting of ego.  Live and Let Live....Do no Harm.  And my personal favorite: I hold what is mine to hold and you hold what is yours to hold. 

Respect, kindness...yes, these are all a part of the Right Use of Will.  But, so are boundaries and soverenity.  Your Will may not always coincide with another's will; perhaps it is time to step away and give others some space to grow in their own way, at their own pace.  Being in the Right Use of Will to me means going Inward and Upward to contact my Higher Self (or God Self) and taking a step back from whatever conflict might be brewing due to another's Will being in direct opposition to mine. 

Sometimes its time to let go; allow the flow of the stream to take its course.  Other times it is correct to assert oneself and stand up for what you think is moral and correct.  Being a Mature Soul, and a mature adult requires us to know when it is better to flow and when its better to push back.  If your Will is getting tested these days, step back, go within.  Be quiet until your Higher Self has time to speak and your ego has enough time and space to let go of its grip.