Margaret Doner

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Customer Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of having Margaret teach her workshops at my
home. She holds a wealth of knowledge and shares it with a generous and
loving heart. She teaches with grace, compassion, patience and a
strength that goes beyond words. Her professional style has blessed my
community with healing by awakening them to very deep and powerful
issues. Anyone who has an open mind and heart, will find the spiritual
healing they seek. I am honored and filled with gratitude to call her
colleague and friend.
"May you always know how much you are loved and that you are never


I want to thank you for being a mentor and making a difference in my life. Our sessions make such a huge impact on me and yesterday's session was another example of that. I really never thought about my father squashing my dreams with his statement of "you want to listen to people's problems" was his fear of me uncovering who he really was. The analogy that you used was perfect for shining the light on this so brilliantly. I realized that it was time to me to claim my life and not be a slave to anyone else. I was so empowered by our session that my consult today resulted in a new client for at least 6 sessions.

I did purchase your book and then received Bridget's email about you being back in the Westhampton house in April. I can't wait. I really wished you lived closer and there were more opportunities for us to work together. I really believe that I could learn so much from you on so many levels.

Thank you again Margaret and I can't wait to finish your book.

In love and light,
Stacey Tratner
Journey To A Difference - Motivating Healthy Transformations


"Margaret Doner is a remarkably gifted channel
and spokesperson for the angelic realm.
All in her presence receive both personal teachings and
beautiful and radiant angelic healing light."

Ron Lavin, MA, Rev.
Fndr. & Intl. Dir.
One Light Healing Touch Healer Training Schools



Dear Margaret: I wanted to thank you for your wonderful book "Merlin's War". Finished reading it over the weekend. I made sure I spaced out my reading as to avoid "ego conflict" but once I did it flowed so smoothly.

I have been further awakening and find that the rabbit hole I am in and have been for a long time, apparently has a basement : ) it just keeps going and going. I do feel I have reached a turning point, and gotten all my galactic "ducks in order". I have been led to a book called the 12th planet and plan on heading towards the EL AN RA book as well.

I just wanted to say "thank you" for your courage and energy in pursuing the venue that many do not and for illuminating my path.

Love and Light



Often times at the angelic channelings I ask the participants to draw and angel card and deliver a message that the angel has personally given to them. This testimonial comes from a woman who drew the card of Soqed Hozi the angel of Partnership. He told her that she would know of his presence because she would see things in three's. Here is her testimonial:

Hi Margaret,
I wanted to thank you again for last night's angel circle. It was quite amazing. I wanted to share something with you. If you remember when I channeled Soqed Hozi and I asked him how I would know he was with me, he told me to watch for sets of three. Three sounds, three sights, three of anything.
On the way down Rt9 Paula and I were blessed with the sight of a beautiful rainbow to the left. It was over a dark grey sky. It was so lovely a few people pulled over to take pictures. Quite pleased with such a gift we travelled on. Not five minutes later a second rainbow appeared . Holy cow! This was great. Then.. you guessed it a third rainbow appeared and looked as if it planted right across rt9!! OMG!!! Paula said " Didn''t your angel say to look for things in threes?".... There are no more words...


The next two testimonials are written about the Westhampton Angelic Channeling Weekend:

Hi Margaret,
Thank you for such an amazing experience. I felt a shift of energy for days. I was "here" ,but I was almost detached from the daily goings on! I manifested quiet time this weekend and had the entire house to myself for the first time
In years! It was delightful! I started reading "Wisdom of the Archangels" and then I watched
The DVD "Archangels Speak". I should mention I started the day listening to your CD
"Balancing Chakras -Higher Self". It is absolutely beautiful. Tears of joy began to roll down my face. (I am going to listen to it again before bed). I feel such peace and such joy. I also feel tremendous gratitude that I REMEMBER who I am. I also thank The Divine daily For the beautiful earth angels I meet along this life's journey and you dear Margaret are One that I treasure. Namaste. Trish


Dear Margaret: It was so fantastic. I tried to describe it to my friends on Monday, and words just can't do it. The feeling and the energy. I now look at everything as a gift from God. I feel truly blessed. Thank you again, may you always be blessed. Elaine


Hi Margaret,
I have to tell you how beautiful you looked Sunday at the Group Angel Channeling. With your turquoise top and crystals hanging around your neck, you were radiant! But, more so, my spirit was moved by the love emanating from you, especially when you spoke of Chris. I saw the dancer in you as you sat in your chair, barefooted with one foot slightly turned out and perched on its ball , and the other gently placed along side of it. I wish I could have taken that picture. But it was your heart that touched mine and moved me to tears that evening.
For my whole life my heart constantly ached from not dancing, thinking never having the chance because of unforeseen circumstances but now knowing there are no circumstances. That wasn't the case at all. In my private session with you the Angels told me I chose not to dance professionally in this life, I chose to mature spiritually. I guess we have that in common.
It's hard to explain in words what I was feeling in my heart (like swimming in a pool of emotions; ref. my dolphin self) but mostly it was love , compassion ,joy and gratitude. I believe I saw the dancer in you that night because I associate the feeling of freedom with dancing. I saw this in you. I know now I can always move even if I am not able to physically move I can watch someone ("So You Think You Can Dance") go into their body and dance with them. Fortunately, I have always been able to do this. I love you so much .

Kate P.S. Thank you,thank you, thank you for writing "Merlin's War"


"Mille fois merci" for your very apt and eloquent words. Your essence and point of view have become true touchstones in the past few years for however it is that my own awareness and evolution can be described. Courage begets courage.
Onward! and always with love,


Outstanding material!!!! No words can describe how I felt reading this. It is material that needs to be out there now. There is so much going on that will be coming out, it will take people's head off. But, it is another challenge along the way and I think we are all doing an excellent job at deciphering it!!! Good job to you and Merlin for assisting in waking people up!!!Thanks Goldie


WOW Thank you for your words this morning. They have been very empowering as I have been unable to articulate what I've been experiencing of late. I look forward to reading your book as your presentation of "what is" serves as a invitation that is most difficult to decline. The gifts you shared on the last weekend continue to assist us all on our journeys. Thank you for your generosity of Spirit, your dedication to sharing what you know is much appreciated.
Love and Grace,


Dear Margaret,
Your words soothed me, and helped to heal my broken heart when my sister
Cheryl died in late July after a terrific battle with cancer.
She turned me onto your newsletters while she was in Hospice care... and, I
look forward to reading them religously every month.
I made my living as a painter for most of my life... changing the nature of
space with color and movement. I began painting mandalas and other visual
aids for healing and meditation in 1986 when I was 33. I began teaching at
the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale over 6 years ago, and with many trips
across the state to visit my beloved sister (big light & love
personified),had little time to paint. Three weeks ago, I was "let go" from
my job as a result of corporate reduction in faculty lay offs - last ones
hired. Fifteen of us were "let go". This year has brought me devastating
losses, and I am trying to find my center again. I will retreat into my
studio and paint for a couple of months before I look for work.
Cheryl was my teacher. Her lessons still resonate inside of me. Before she
died she said,"All you have to do is sit back, observe, and let it
happen". I know that she wanted me to take some time off, and go back into
the studio and paint.. for this is my connection with the universe. Painting
is my bliss, my prayer, my time to disappear and allow great things to come
through. I want to thank you for your words... words perfect... that
continue to help me. I weep at my losses... I miss Cheryl so. I am looking
forward to my own death that we may reunite in the lovely blue and white. She
has come through to me as a spider in October & November, & in dreams since
I am so grateful for this !
Thank you, Margaret. A small energy here in South Florida is sending you big
love and light for all you do.
blessings, Cat R.


Margaret, Just to say I have truly moved consciousness since listening to you on Utube. The reality that God is a verb not a noun resonates so well with me and I am using this consciousness in all my healing work and indeed speaking about it wherever I get a listener. Your reading was so helpful to me and I thank you for this. Forward your email to friends etc. A delight to have met you. Keep safe.
--Blessings Sheila


“The Angel channeling session that I received from Margaret was without a doubt life changing. I felt as if ‘we’ had gone back to the day before I was born to re-member my soul's purpose. My self-esteem and love for myself today is directly related to that very day. A new door has opened with the help of Margaret and The Angels. I thank you with all my heart!”
--Deborah Strickland“


The experiences I’ve had during my channeling sessions with Margaret have been nothing short of Amazing! At the end of each session, I have always felt encouraged, inspired and greatly loved. I am so grateful to Margaret; working with her is both a joy and a blessing!” --Kathy Zubryki


“An Angelic channeling is an amazing experience that connects us to higher realms of consciousness. The angels help us understand our past and present lives, and their messages are delivered beautifully by Margaret, a truly gifted Angelic Channel. It is an honor to be in the presence of the angelics, and I am thankful for their wisdom and guidance.
--Bonnie Keegan