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Massage Therapy, Reconnective Healing, Reiki, Reflexology, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Past Life Therapy, and Angelic Channeling with Margaret Doner are available by appointment at Partners in Massage. 845 229-9133

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Past Life Regression Therapy and Integration

I like to think of the Higher Self at the Hub of a Wheel and the incarnations as the spokes of the wheel. Usually we live on the rim of the wheel; above one spoke. However, when we do this therapy we step into the hub and suddenly all the incarnations are available. By remembering ourselves we become whole, and many of life's mysteries suddenly make sense. Isn't it our right to know who we are? Who says we must stay asleep at the wheel? Knowing our karma provides us with the knowledge we need to be awake and aware. We become more compassionate and less fearful and judgmental through these journeys; and we realize that the victim and the perpetrator are both housed within each of us. The sessions last from 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours and cost $125. I will make a digital recording of the session and send it via email. I have been working as past life regression therapist since 1996, when I was certified by Roger Woolger, Ph.D and completed a two-year program of study and intensive personal regression work.

My work includes assisting people to access both human and non-human lives. 

Understanding, Recognizing, and Protecting Yourself from Psychic Attack

This is the most controversial subject matter! Logically it doesn't make sense for it to be so controversial, because people have been suffering from these challenging experiences ever since recorded history. It was said that Jesus cast demons out of Mary Magdalene as well as many others; and it is clearly recorded that Buddha was attacked continually by the demon Mara. If these spiritual masters suffered from psychic attack and demon possession it certainly stands to reason that many others will as well. The New Age has wanted to paint a spiritual path of sugar and cotton candy; but I remind people what the witch in Hansel and Gretel made her house of: Sweets. A true Seeker will experience profound darkness and fear and they will utilize the experience to grow. I have worked with alien abductions, demonic possession, targeted and psychically stalked individuals and other such maladies. Many times the experiences are linked to karma---understanding the energetic link to such experience helps to free the soul. We can learn to raise our vibration and deepen our awareness to protect ourselves from these fourth dimensional entities. I teach what I have had to learn---many of us have been targets. It's time to stop being ashamed of this knowledge and these experiences! It's time to reach out and share. Do not Divide--Unify Instead!  

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Angelic Channeling and Spiritual Life Coaching

Using a combination of angelic guidance, my own life experiences and past life regression techniques I will assist you to release fear, access your spiritual guidance and offer "homework," to keep you on your spiritual path. Some sessions are gentle and some are more challenging; the work is tailored to the individual and no two sessions are similar.